RECAP: It’s a comeback on Fif. PENS WIN.


God damn it, this win felt amazing.  The Habs being in town definitely had something to do with it, but the Pens roaring back from a 4-2 deficit with a fire that we haven't seen since that comeback loss in Carolina is what gets your blood going.

You know what else gets your blood going?  P.K. Slewban.

He is a joke.  We used to refrain from railing on him at great length because that is what Canadiens fans want.  But it's gotten to the point where even Habs fans are realizing what a joke of a hockey player he is.  He exploded into the league in the 2010 playoffs as an exotic defenseman with unlimited potential and some big-time swagger.  But it's basically been all downhill since then.  He's taken the crown from Matt Cooke as the dirtiest player in the NHL, hands down.  He doesn't even provide offense.  What does he do?  Get under opponents' skin? Yeah, that's a good trait to have when your team is winning.  But when your team is eating its own feces in the standings, it's pretty embarrassing.

Back to the game.  Dustin Jeffrey kept the Pens alive just long enough for Evgeni Malkin to save the day. Again. The Pens, playing the second game of a back-to-back job, were down 4-2 going into the third.  Jeffrey got them within one, and then Malkin brought the CEC to its feet with a laser to tie it via a great pass from James Neal.  MAF held down the fort in the shootout, then Malkin sealed the shootout with another goal.

Next up, a 12:30 game against the Caps on Sunday afternoon. Pens haven't beat the Caps at home since like 1987.

We got some more stuff from this Habs game after the jump.

  • Kris Letang with another lights-out game.  He scored his first goal since coming back from his concussion. As a defenseman, it comes with the territory that he's going to get hit unlimited times every game.  He most likely won't have a second concussion episode because his body is conditioned to getting hit like that.  Crosby's having trouble with his because that Steckel hit in the WC was the first time anyone's seen Crosby get hit that hard.  Just a theory.

  • Big-time move by Chris Kunitz to avenge the Letang concussion by fighting Max Pacioretty.

  • Hal Gill was in Malkin's mouth all night.
  • Erik Cole sucks.
  • This game probably had some of the best end-to-end action of the season. It sounds really bizarre saying it, but it felt like a real hockey game. You actually were jammed up watching it.
  • Dustin Jeffrey probably could have had six goals. What a player. Before he got hurt last year, he was on fire. It has taken awhile for him to get back into the mix, but look out.

  • This sums it up for the Habs:

  • To set the stage for the game-tying goal, the Pens down 4-3 with under five minutes to go. James Neal comes storming through the neutral zone. He dishes to Malkin on the right boards.

Just one of the sicker goals you'll see.


  • MAF held the fort in the shootout. Malkin beat Budajoke. Vid from PensAreYourDaddy


  • And then it came down to Fleury vs Gomez.