RECAP: It’s a vomit party on Fifth Ave. PENS LOSE.


Get real. Great win for the Isles and their fan base. Too bad they are in 13th place.   Already brings us to Thursday night in Long Island.  How will Bylsma have the Pens prepared?  How will the red-hot Penguin team react to this punch to the side of the face?   If the Pens are destined for great things this season, then Thursday night may be an offensive massacre.

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-Why can't the Islanders be this good all the time?  They show flashes of skill and great hockey, more than any of the other cellar-dwelling teams that we get to watch on a consistent basis.  But they can't sustain it.  That's coaching.  That's attitude from the coach.  Need a new coach.  assholes

-Strait and Depres.  Too lazy to go see if they were on the ice for any goals against.  And we don't mean +/-.  We mean actually watching the entire play leading up to the goals.  Too lazy.  But if they made a couple mistakes, it doesn't really matter.   Players squirming their way into the league will make the odd mistake here and there.  Those shouldn't be compounded on a night like this one.  Wasn't a hot game for the team overall.   Depres is on a path to a top-4 position in the NHL.  Strait looks like a solid fifth.  Putting them in that context helps when watching them.

-What was Fleury doing coming out like that?  Jesus.  Looks like his removal from the game was performance-based, not concussion-based.  MAF's first bad game in a while.  We'd be concerned if this was 2007.

-Thiessen came in and performed well in his first appearance since the tsunami in Ottawa.  Solid job.

-Officiating in this game was really strange.  Of course there's a "let 'em play" mentality come playoff time, but when a team with superior talent is allowed to be lassoed under the guise of playoff hockey, then the officiating sticks out.  Not saying that happened in this game necessarily, but there were glimpses of it.

-The Pens buzzed like they had to in the third but couldn't put anything past Montoya.  They got one late that at least warranted waking up that dude in the sleep apnea commercial, but that was it.

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go pens