RECAP: Invasion Successful. PENS WIN.
Charlie = Bob Errey?
The crowd here was louder than it is in Pittsburgh and the Pens responded with a dominant game.
They're just rolling right now and it doesn't seem like much can stop them.  Good teams take advantage of struggling ones, and that's exactly what we saw.
Sidney Crosby is playing some of the best hockey of his career, which is scary.
Imagine if the Blue Jackets were in the East?  An almost instant rivalry.

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We received a ton of pics from this game and they're not all in the recap (or it would take even longer to load.)

Check out this album on Picasa for all of them.
It looks and sounds like a Pens home game.  The Blue Jackets are wearing their thirds.  They may as well be wearing Pens jerseys.  Without Malkin, Kunitz is wearing an "A."
Right away Nash hits Orpik in the corner.  Brooks stays down for a while, but he's okay.  No penalty, but there shouldn't be.
The Jackets continue hitting.  Big deal.
Crosby gets the puck and there's a big cheer.
A "Let's Go Pens" chant starts up.  Wooooooo.
Spelling error city.
Conner with an awesome burst of speed and Mason makes a good save.
Tons of blue Pens jerseys in the crowd.  The Blue Jackets take a penalty and we expect to hear "HEEEYYYYYY FAAAAAANNNNSSSSS!"
Thankfully we don't.
Letestu is on the powerplay in place of Malkin.
Paul Martin banks the puck off of some Blue Jackets' skate and into the net.
What a cheer from the crowd.  "LET'S GO PENS!"
The Jackets still haven't had a shot on net.  They finally get a few chances, but nothing.  The Pens are blocking shots like there's no tomorrow.
There's a scrum in the corner and the Pens get the puck.  Godard throws it at the net.  It beats Mason and sloooooooooowly trickles towards the line.  Rupp helps push it over.
It's louder here when the Pens score than it is in the CONSOL.
The Pens take a penalty.  Every time they clear the zone there's a big cheer.  The Pens have a couple shorthanded chances.
Some more hard work by the Pens leads to a BJs penalty.
Powerplay.  Martin scores.  His second of the game.  Goals by Martin and Rupp.  Jesus.
Like a drunk girl on prom night, Mason needs to keep his legs closed.
"Maaaaaaa-son.  Maaaaaa-son."
The Pens get another powerplay.  Someone fly Ryan Mill into Columbus to start announcing these.
Crosby scores on another deflection.
Mason is mercifully pulled.  Garon is in net.  If you thought "the Pens are never scoring again," when the goaltending changed happened, you're not alone.  
The Knitting Lady is behind the Columbus net.
The Pens take a four minute penalty.
FSN shows Sid working on redirections.  "Does that look familiar?  Does that look familiar!?" screams Bob Errey.
Errey and Steigy don't want you calling him "Sid the Kid" anymore and they advocate "Sid Vicious."
"Sid the Kid" has always been a terrible nickname.
A great kill and a huge cheer as the period ends.  The shots are 16-2 Penguins, meaning the Pens would still be winning even without a goalie.

Period recap: Excellent, hardworking period by the Pens.  Possibly the best of the season.
Move Columbus to the East.

Some idiots in wrestling costumes.

The Pens are still shorthanded as the period starts.  FSN jinxes Martin as they show a graphic listing Pens' defensemen who've scored hat tricks.
Steigy forgets about the last 40+ years in the Civic Arena and complains that Columbus' screen isn't as good as the one at the CONSOL.
The Jackets' announcer counts down the time remaining in the penalty as the screen isn't working.  Nice touch.  Ryan Mill would just list the names of sponsors.
FSN's game clock isn't moving.
Columbus finally decides to put in some effort and they get a few chances.  The Pens call a timeout.  FSN gets their clock working.
Kennedy banks it off the post and scores.
The arena explodes.  All that's missing is the horn and the "WOO HOO!" song.
Steigy names all the guys named "Derek" on Columbus and remarks that the Pens lead the lead in "Pascals."
Just when everyone forgets that this is an actual hockey game, the Jackets score on a redirect.
Was there a cannon blast that time?  No one cares.
A big "LET'S GO PENS" chant from the crowd.  There's almost a fight, but the refs break it up.
Some joke on Columbus takes a penalty for a slash on Rupp instead.
A guy in the crowd keeps waving a Terrible Towel.  Didn't know this was a Steelers game.  Whatever.  This is a celebration right now.  Can't really job anyone.
The Pens get a three-on-one, but they can't handle it.  They then get a two-on-one and they can definitely handle it.
Sid is just a beast right now.  The slow motion replay shows him mouth "Fuck Yeah" during his fist pump celebration.  We need that as a .gif if anyone has it.  Amazing.
Nothing is stopping Crosby right now.  We're pretty sure he could score on an actual brick wall or a girl wearing a promise ring at this point.
Cheering and towel waving from the crowd.
Rupp and Boll get the fight they wanted earlier.
FSN shows a shot of the Columbus bench.  Everyone just looks completely defeated.  "STUNNED" says Steigy.
Job, job, job.
Fleury has a Degree commercial now.  He makes a great save and the crowd chants "FLEURY!"
The Pens keep working.  Every time they touch the puck, it feels like they may score.
And they do.
Deryk Engelland.  Wow.  What a beating.  It' almost criminal.
The BJs on Twitter say it was Lovejoy, who wasn't playing.
Craig Adams takes a penalty and the BJs have a powerplay.
A huge cheer as the period ends.  FSN calls Engelland "The King of Engelland."
Period recap:  Just dominant.

If they hate then let 'em hate and watch the goals pile up.

Again, the Pens start shorthanded.
Columbus scores and the cannon sounds.  Near silence from the crowd.  We're not sure if it's because of the score or all the Pens fans in the crowd.
That ends the Pens' road penalty killing streak.  A pin drops.
Steigy calls the Charlie cutouts "Cutouts of Bob Errey when he used to have a mustache."
No one even cares anymore.  The wave starts.
Steigy and Errey start talking about other players born in PA.  
The Blue Jackets get a powerplay.  Nothing happens.
The arena is silence, which makes sense considering the score.
Commodore takes a penalty and the Pens have the man advantage.  Both Martin and Crosby are going for hat tricks.
The penalty is killed, but Letestu almost gets one.
Steigy and Errey talk about the Pens fans in the crowd.  Steigy again mentions the "signs with the mustache."
Another "LET'S GO PENS" chant.  The Pens have allowed only 20 goals in their last 12 games.  Time ticks down and the Pens fans are on their feet.  What. A. Crowd.
Period recap: The Pens are playing at another level right now.  All that was missing was a hat trick.  We wanted to see the hats.
Adam creeps on some bad spelling.

3.  Paul Martin
2.  Sidney Crosby
1.  The Crowd.
Tampa Bay defeated Colorado 6-5.
Stamkos was held off of the score sheet.

Thanks to everyone who sent those in and to everyone who brought signs.

Amazing.  Just unbelievable.


Go Pens.