RECAP: Houses of the Goalie. PENS WIN.
"The loss on Friday produced a team meeting and glum talk, but after bouncing back against the Hurricanes the mood brightened. Led Zeppelin blared through the stereo and players doused each other with Gatorade."
–AP recap
Not included in the AP story was the description of Fleury by himself in the corner
listening to Sugar Ray on his iPod and muttering to himself.
Straight-up:  If you think Fleury should start Wednesday in Dallas, you're putting your love for MAF above the success of the Pens as a whole.  It has now reached that level.  We are now stepping into November, and the Pens are about to embark on a quasi West Coast trip, with a stop in Dallas on their way to Anaheim and Phoenix.  These are huuuuuuuge road games, and you have to put your best team on the ice.  MAF will get a start in the back-to-back situation, regardless.  Rumors of Staal playing Wednesday in Dallas.
In the Philly recap, we said Fleury wasn't the sole reason the Pens lost.  To drive the opposite of that home, Brent Johnson wasn't the sole reason the Penguins won this game.  Both goalies made plays that factored into the outcomes, though.  When a goalie makes a big save and it turns into a goal that turns out to be the game-winner, then that speaks for itself.
No run-of-the-mill recap for this one.
We're too busy putting razor blades in chocolate bars.
"Can you spot the Canes fan in this photo?"  Great pic.
Early candidate for stunned pic of the year.
Steigerwald gave the blog a shout-out in the third period of this game.
Apparently this is what we get for blasting FSN producers at will.
We wouldn't be getting mentioned if it wasn't for everyone who reads the blog.
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Charlie made an appearance on FSN, as well.
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Big game from Dupuis.
If you want a micro recap, it was his first goal.  Brent Johnson made a huge save at the other end of the ice as Carolina was buzzing around the net.  After the save the Pens got the puck, got a break when some guy fell down, and then Dupuis, instead of passing, went to the net.
No one is going to job anyone when they are scoring. Dupuis is on pace for 20 goals again.
His second goal was a wicked half slapshot.  Nothing Cam Ward could do.