RECAP: Feels A Little Like ’10. PENS LOSE.

The Pens couldn't get it together very often and when they did, the Habs goalie made big saves.  The defensive effort by Pittsburgh was a mess.  It was a frustrating, disappointing home loss.  It felt a little like the 2010 playoffs.  
The Pens had a long layoff followed by a 2pm game.  They just weren't ready for this.


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Was the girl beside Jimerson wearing a black jersey over a dark blue one?
200th straight sell-out for the Pens.
It immediately looks bad as the Pens have trouble getting the puck into the Habs zone.  When they do, Dustin Jeffrey snipes a shot off the post.  Carey Price had no idea what was going on.  We hope that seeing Halak on Thursday shattered his confidence again.  
No such luck.
Then… vomit.  Plekanec scores and all of the hate you felt during every other game against the Habs returns.
1-0 Habs.
Those people right above Fleury know exactly what this game is gonna be like.
The pace picks up and it starts to resemble a hockey game that started at a normal time, not a ridiculous 2pm start.  We were still half asleep at this point, and it looks like the Pens were too.
A Pens two-on-one is broken up.  The Habs come back.  Job, job, job.  Neal gets a good chance, but Price manages to get it.  Neal's on fire right now.
Looking at the crowd, there are Pens fans in black, white, powder blue, navy blue and St. Patrick's Day green.  There are Habs fan in red, white and blue as well.  It's a colorful crowd.  The variety of colors in the Pens' jerseys are why the team will never get the "all red" or "all white" look that other teams have during the playoffs without giving out shirts.
When you're talking about colors during a recap, that gives you an idea of how the game is going.
The puck goes behind the Habs' net and it ends up on the mesh.  Kennedy hacks at it like crazy but accomplishes very little.  Plekanec gets a breakaway, but Fleury makes a save.
Subban is booed whenever he touches the puck.  Jordan Staal smiles inside.
The Pens start grinding in the corner and it works.  Price looks a bit shaky as the Pens get some chances.  Adams is a beast on the puck.  Dupuis has made a couple good defensive plays.  This is a back-and-forth game without much action.  It's all 2pm's fault.
Fleury has to make a couple good saves and the Pens defense is scrambling.
Giveaway city.  Plekanec almost gets free again, but he's controlled.  The Pens get it back but they go offside.
PERIOD RECAP:  This felt a bit like the 2010 playoffs, without the outstanding saves from the Habs.  The Pens had chances, but they couldn't get it together long enough to mount an serious pressure.  Playing the Habs can be frustrating.
2pm games suck.
Before anyone knows what's going on, a Letang pass is picked off.  It gets to Moen and it's in the back of the Pens' net.
2-0 Habs.
The Pens regroup and finally start to look like themselves.  Except they miss the net like 45 times in one shift.  The Habs get a penalty.  During the delayed call, the Pens' six look relatively impressive.
Subban immediately clears it.  Of course.
Neal gets a great chance alone in front.  He waits, waits, repositions himself… but Price makes a big save.  That's the only shot the Pens get with the man advantage.
And then…. another giveaway leads to a Cammalleri goal.  What a mess.
3-0 Habs.
Fleury is pulled in favor of birthday boy Brent Johnson.  Not Fleury's fault at all.  If Disco could pull the entire defense instead, he would.
Subban gets slashed.  He waves his hand and whines about it just in case the ref didn't notice.  We were waiting for him to draw a "I WAS SLASHED ON THE HAND" sign and hold it up.  Talbot gets the call, which gets him camera time so he's happy.
Canadiens power play.  No one even cares anymore.
James Neal gets another break, but the hand of Price thwarts him once again.  For some reason, Talbot and Mara get in a fight.  Too bad this isn't the 2009 playoffs or that would have meant something.

PensAreYourDaddy with the video.
Neal comes in again, but Price just has his number at this point.
This is the worst flow in any game ever.  If you have any friends who dislike hockey, don't let them watch this game unless you want to alienate them forever.  The NFL, upon watching this game, now realize they have nothing to worry about even if there is no football for the next ten years.

The Pens go offside and the fans boo.  They're just looking for any sort of opportunity to make noise right now.  Rupp hits Subban.  Cooke is taken down.  Subban refuses to fight.  Shocking.  
Cooke wants Weber and Rupp wants Subban.  The Canadiens know they don't need to fight now.

PensAreYourDaddy again.
It's weird seeing a situation where Cooke wants to fight and his opponent doesn't.  How many people would have loved to punch Matt Cooke in the face?
It's a Canadiens power play as Subban gets nothing.  He just managed to "out obnoxious" Matt Cooke.  Subban smiles on the bench.
The Habs get a glorious chance, but Johnson makes a couple big saves.  Subban tempts fate and he facewashes Engelland.  Penalty.
The Pens miss the net another 32 times on the power play.
Watching this game right now is an exercise in masochism.
Nothing's happening.  Trap city.
Neal with some good moves again, but still nothing gets by Price.  We're not going to pretend like we paid close attention to the rest of this game.
With just over three minutes left, the crowd starts to boo in an attempt to drown out the "Ole Ole Ole" song.  Strangely enough, people aren't leaving this game to beat traffic.  If there was ever a game to give up on, it's this one, St. Patrick's Parade or no St. Patrick's Parade.
Staal is hit with a stick on the bench and he leaves the game.
Cooke shows Subban how it's done and he draws a penalty without making a mockery of the game.  Six-on-four as the Pens pulls Johnson.  Still nothing.
The Pens call a timeout, hoping to at least score a goal.


GAME. Pens just can't adapt to the Canadiens.'s another afternoon game tomorrow.  Get ready.