RECAP: Go to hell. PENS LOSE.

Pens got off to a great start, but then your girlfriend sucks.
Thank God there isn't a game till Wednesday night.
We are in the thick of the toughest part of the season.
Can't help but peek at the standings:

Parrothead, wmcgrath, nick z, fdsafdfds
It was back to actual hockey at the beginning of this game.  
And that was further cemented by Henrik Lundqvist completely melting down early.

First, a Ranger loses his stick, giving Chris Conner 4 minutes to do something. Eventually the puck gets cleared, but right to the King of Engelland.  He puts it on net, and it hits a Ranger and goes in.  1-0.

Soon after that, the Pens kill a Dupuis penalty.
Then they score again.
Staal feeds Johnson with a nice pass.
Johnson battles off a Ranger and gets it past Lundqvist.  2-0.

Torts calls a timeout to get shit together.  And then the Rangers score off a face-off while Steigerwald is jobbing Gillies.  2-1.

Kris Letang and Sean Avery get into it after a whistle.  Apparently the Pens are the Oakland Raiders of the NHL now, because only Letang goes off.  Then the Rangers score on the ensuing PP after Staal almost buries a shorty.  2-2.

Job job job.
Rangers start banging and take a penalty.
Actually Dubinsky goes off for 4 minutes.
Pens do nothing with the 4 minutes.

Later in the period, has to trip some joke on a 2-on-1.
Rangers don't get anything.

RECAP: Off to such a good start, but Pens looked tired.

The Rangers put in some bullshit to make it 3-2.

Even linesmen are getting injured during Pens games now.
Orpik takes a cheapshot to the mouth.  No penalty.


The Rangers refused to stop coming.
They had numerous odd-man breaks.
They forced 4 minutes of PP time.
Then Callahan scores to make it 4-2.
Pens kill the rest.

Goligoski plays for the Rangers now apparently.

Pens needed to limp into the intermission and gather themselves.
But the Rangers get their 80th PP goal of the game.  5-2.

Rangers turn into the Islanders and start inflicting pain.
Cheap shots everywhere.
Pens get a PP when a ref sees Talbot take a high stick.

RECAP: shit
Pens had numerous chances to really get back into the game. The Ticket scored some powerplay goal.  It gave every Pens fan a jolt, especially when the Pens had a 4-minute powerplay later.  They simply couldn't connect.
All you got to know.
They probably did this in the third even though they didn't score. There isn't even room for Bylsma to make any big-time changes for Wednesday's game in Colorado.  This is like playing a game of poker when your hand is sac.