RECAP: Game Three: The unraveling of the Pittsburgh Penguins. PENS LOSE.


On Saturday:

“We’ll see the true face of our team,” said Letang. “And I think we’ll see if guys have character, and we’ll prove a lot.”

On Sunday:

The only person on the planet right now with less composure is that Kony guy.   What was Kris Letang thinking?
This series will be in the back of all of our minds the next time the Pens make the playoffs.  And the playoffs after that. This series is the seed of doubt that has been planted in Penguins fans forever.
The Penguins broke on Sunday. Mentally broke. 
And now it is 3-0.
Take a look at this mountain:
Pens have to climb this naked and in like 8 minutes. You can't say a series is over, but this one is as close as it gets.
Recap after the jump.


Flyers gave out free shirts to their fans. Free, the color matched, and it took a dump in your mouth. Pens charged their fans for a white shirt.  what.
Three minutes in, Jordan Staal scored. 1-0 lead.
And the Pens kept working. They drew a huge penalty about three minutes later. But the Flyers and Max Talbot struck back. Talbot scored his second shorthanded goal of the series. Devastating moment. 1-1.
Pens took some penalties after that, and it was Briere time. He scored one powerplay goal and then pumped another one in.
In like five minutes it was 3-1.

You'll see this celebration in your nightmares. And then the Penguins became unglued.

In no particular order:

Crosby fights. Huge mistake. Letang goes insane.

Letang gets himself thrown out of the game. And then he did the shhhh sign:

Probably the dumbest thing we've ever seen.

It got worse:

3-1 at this point, and Schenn just destroys Paul Martin. Asham comes out of nowhere and cross checks Schenn in the Adam's Apple and then punches him in the back of the head. Schenn was fine. Asham got kicked out.

James Neal responded with a huge goal to make it 3-2. 
But it didn't last long. Matt Read scored 2 seconds later. 4-2.



Down 4-2, the Pens didn't give up. It was actually a normal period for 10 minutes, and then the Flyers took a penalty.The Pens had an FU powerplay that resulted in James Neal scoring to make it 4-3. 
Pens had momentum for the first time since they had it the last time. They started buzzing. But Chris Kunitz retaliates against Coburn in the offensive zone, the Flyers get a powerplay, and that was the beginning of the end of this game.
Paul Martin couldn't clear a puck, and then the Flyers made him pay. Double J set up shop, dished to Matt Read. 5-3.
While Paul Martin was still melting, James Neal and Jordan Staal hooked up. Neal got one through Byrz, and Staal put it home.
Pens had life again. And then four minutes later, Wayne Simmonds took it away.  Kunitz was going to the box again.  The Pens failed to get a puck deep on the PK and got caught. Paul Martin couldn't catch up to Simmonds. He beat MAF.
6-4. Effectively the game.



Brent Johnson starts the third. Claude Giroux and Double J welcome him to the show. 7-4.

Need to watch this again.

Then, again, the Pens lost their cool. James Neal started running Flyers:

Sorry. That is no way to play the game. Everyone with a brain can understand the frustration the Pens are going through, but cheap-shotting guys is just awful. We've defended the Pens through thick and thin. Can't defend that stuff.

The Pens lost their cool, and they simply lost the game. More shit happened between the teams after this, but it didn't even matter. Hartnell got the crowd pumped, and Hulk Hogan trolled the Penguins.  Go find the video somewhere.  We are broken.

When it was over, it was 8-4. And the season is on the brink.


  • Asham, Neal, Adams could all be suspended for Game 3.
  • Writing this for the future. You actually cannot believe this series. It doesn't seem real.
  • Fuck.
  • Looks like Torts was onto something.
  • Go read some Crossing Broad stuff.