RECAP: GAME SIX: Death and all his friends. 2011-2012 PENS LOSE.

The haunting sound of Flyer fans chanting," nah nah nah hey hey hey goodbye,"

That will stay with us for awhile.
Most playoff loses hurt. This one will resonate for awhile. This series will be in your head the next few years when the playoffs start and you are pumped about the Pens chances.
But that is how it goes.
It will take a few months to digest this series. We're in a mourning period. It isn't a good idea to start throwing around what the Pens need to do, who they need to replace etc.
There is a time for that.
That time is not now.


Recap of the game and the series after the jump.
Game six was decided before the players even took the ice.  Apparently Claude Giroux told Lavvy that he wanted the first shift, and then Giroux told his teammates to watch what he does on his first shift.  And he did two things:
Nice, clean hit.  Crosby had just played the puck.
There is a fine line in the playoffs that everyone talks about it.
This hit is a great example. What if the ref light Giroux up for interference? Pens start the game on the powerplay, Could have been a huge moment.
This hit will go down as one of those legendary moments for Philadelphia.
After this hit Giroux sniped MAF. Steve Sullivan with a turnover of a lifetime.  In retrospect, the game was over right then and there.  Don't really care who Claude Giroux is; Fleury had to make that save.
He also had to make the save on that Swedish guy, too.  Would've been cool if he had saved everything, but fuck all.


Looking back, a prime candidate is this non-call that allowed Danny Briere to bring the Flyers back from the depths of Hell in Game One. This was one of 713 goals the Flyers scored in this series, so maybe this play is just a candidate for the WHAT IF? moment of the series.
Staal hit the post in the 3rd period of Game One.  Would've made it 4-2 Pens.
Also got to look at Voracek's Game One winner in OT.
Common thread here is everything happening in Game One.  What a nightmare.  Blowing a 3-0 lead in Game One on home ice was the killer. Everyone knew it. There was no coming back from it.


Some people would want to say Sean Couturier.  Too bad he sucks.  He probably still beats off to his high-school yearbook.  Clear MVP of the series was Claude Giroux.  He was the best player in the building nearly every night.  We're doing another reach-around here, but even back in 2009 we knew Claude Giroux was the shit.  We named him "player we wouldn't mind being a Penguin" in the 2009 series recap:


People got all jammed up about Lavy calling him the best player in the world. No idea why. He rose to the occasion. Virtuoso performance by him.


Way too many options.  Looking simply at box scores, the Pens' special teams and MAF are the prime candidates.  We refuse to look any deeper into this.  Pens had a lot of problems.

The last thing you'll see us do on a regular basis is give ourselves reach-arounds when we're right about something.  But we called this shit back in Game Two.  Anyone with a brain knew this was happening behind the scenes, anyway.  Just didn't really understand the astonishment at this statement by Lavvy in the post-game
comments.  We thought it was common knowledge.

As we said up top, this series may have scarred us for life when it comes to getting pumped for a playoff run. 
If this was a hard-fought 4-2 series loss, the entire feel of it would be different. 
It wasn't.
We would all be looking back at a couple bounces here or there that didn't go the Pens' way.  But this series will forever be used, NHL-wide, as the measuring stick for when any playoff series sees a scoring explosion/defensive ineptitude.   Embarrassing.  Really embarrassing.
And now it sends the Pens to probably the most important off season in franchise history. The speculation machine begins. And it will not be pretty. 
Not at all.

Go Pens