Word of advice: If you like your hat, don't wear it to a Pens game.
Sidney Crosby is the best player in the NHL right now, amidst a 14-game point streak.
More importantly, the Pens are easily the hottest team in the NHL right now, having won 8 straight.  And it's no fluke.   All pieces of the engine are clicking, the most important one being the PK unit.  Even though they had a mini-streak busted in this game, the PK unit has been unbelievable.  We can't recall a season in our lifetime that the Pens' PK has been this sick.
The scariest part of all this?

Malkin and Staal aren't even around yet.

The Staal business is a discussion to be saved for a later day, but right now there is no way you can break up the Buzzers Line of Conner-Kennedy-Letestu.   Just can't do it.  After the Thrashers scored that first goal, Disco sent out the Buzzers to wreak havoc.  By the next stoppage in play, Crosby had scored to tie it after a line change.  Just sayin'.
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Pens PK finally gives up a goal to Chicken Little.  1-0.

Only reason that went in is 'cause Letang was still worried about some high stick he took and didn't bother boxing Little out.

Who does Bylsma put onto the ice right after the goal?
The Buzzers.  And they were still making big plays.  Cycling is insane.
Sid scores.  1-1.

Errey gets slashed between the benches.
"Jesus.  I'm bleeding.". Got to to love Errey.

Pens couldn'ta PP chance.
Crosby gets a puck at center ice from Asham after a line change.
66 would bury it.  And finally Sid is starting to score on big breakaways.  2-1.

Pens were in the Thrashers' zone all period.
Orpik slaps one to Crosby's stick.  Deflection.  Hat trick city.  3-1.

A Thrasher trips over Letang's hair.  

Thrashers only get a minute of PP time because Enstrom goes to the box.

Antropov snipes MAF late in the second period.
Huge goal for Atlanta.  3-2.
Great action for a bulk of the third period, especially the last 8 minutes or so.
Best chance for the Thrashers came when Letang tripped over his hair and slid into the boards with Orpik.
Huge save by MAF.
Thrashers pulled Fabio, and they were sniffing.
Max Talbot is a warrior.  Seeing things from him that weren't in his game last season.
Game. Abbreviated recap.  A computer has gone down,

And a debilitating illness is making its way through the troops.  Go Pens.