RECAP: Fleury’s Eleven. PENS WIN.
What triggered the big day for the Pens?  The Neal Play™ off the face-off.  The most amazing thing about it is that the Devils, a team pretty much a lock for the playoffs unless they choke, either didn't watch film on the Penguins or simply couldn't defend it.  It may be the latter.  Every one in the NHL has seen the Penguins score on The Neal Play at least a dozen times this year.  NHL players have seen it as they watch highlights on NHL Network.  It's nothing new, and the Penguins continue to execute it.
Mike Colligan broke this down a couple weeks ago, and he did it very well. [ HockeyWriters ]
It is definitely worth a look if you haven't seen it yet.

–Crosby looked great.  Other than his first comeback game against the Islanders, it was probably the best he's looked.
Flyers in 8 minutes.  Flyers wrecked the Pens' winning streak last season.  They want to do it again.  Quick turnaround on a St. Patty's Day weekend.  Go Pens.