RECAP: Finally, some rest. PENS WIN.
Something's different this year.  Last year, the Pens lose these home games to Montreal and New Jersey or, at the very least, let one or both teams escape with a point.  Instead, there's a killer mentality starting to show up.  The Pens now get to enjoy two days off for the first time in this season.  But then they're back to the grind on Tuesday and Thursday, playing a home-and-home with the Isles, and then they're headed to Toronto on Saturday night.
We went into this game knowing we weren't going to do a full recap.  It's the Devils.  Read More for some thoughts.
So, step one is complete.  The Pens had their full arsenal on the blue line for the first time this season.  BUUUUUT..  It may not last too long, since Michalek had some hand injury.  Come on.
Jordan Staal is on pace for 41 goals. In high school, we were on pace to doing something with our lives.
You have to love the "Penguin Fan Police," when something like Staal's performance happens. The "Penguin Fan Police," are the people that flip out as soon as Staal scores a goal like that. They take to cblog, twitter, facebook, or even get right in your face and basically say , " I thought Staal sucks." And they mock everyone.
This is the face they probably make.

Yep Jordan Staal had a total beast mode game. Awesome. Even people that job Staal are pumped. But people are allowed to be fans. Jesus christ.

"The Penguin fan police," will stop at nothing.

Pens got jobbed when Petr Sykora went to the box for Patrick Elias, and then Elias scored a shorthanded goal.  Probably shouldn't have let Elias score.
Don't underrate Chris Kunitz's GW goal. Mannnnn.
A division amongst Pens fans is beginning to form concerning Lovejoy vs. Engelland. Gonna be dealing with it all year. We're guessing people like Lovejoy because he got hit in the face with that puck on 24/7. Lovejoy is the only full-time player without a point.
More examples of the "Penguin fan police."
James Neal on his way to the Cy Young.  8G 1A.
Another terrible thing brewing at Consol. People are standing up when during the play when they see themselves on the jumbotron. They sit down by the glass. They do this in Toronto all the time. We saw it last night on the Root sports broadcast. If this starts happening at Consol we will pay $1000 for someone to go down there and fight someone. 
Islanders twice this week.


Get your mind right.

go pens