RECAP: F You and F Lecavalier too. PENS WIN


When the chips are down, great players rise to the occasion. 

Evgeni Malkin reminded a lot of people of how great he is. Malkin went off for a natural hat trick after the Penguins blew a 3-0 lead in the third period. 

A recap of Malkin's performance:



For the first and second period, the Penguins carried the play. James Neal scored his 5,000th goal of the season on a bad-angle shot, and Richard Park sniped former Penguins backup Mathieu Garon to make it 2-0.

Still, going into the third there was an uneasy feeling. The Lightning took a penalty late in the second, and the Penguins started the third period on a powerplay.

Things got off to an innocent start. Malkin put a pass on Neal's plate. Neal ripped it by Garon. Just nasty. Pens up 3-0.

And then Bob Errey pronounced the game over.

You know what happened next:

Some idiot named Gllroy scored. 3-1.

Ryan Malone took some time away from being in love with himself to score. 3-2.

Complete meltdown. It was only a matter of time before Tampa tied it. Purcell took care of it. 3-3.


Dateline: the next faceoff after Purcell tied it.

Dominic Moore, one of the biggest assholes of all time,  starts chirping Malkin. Whatever Moore and his annoying face said, it may have altered Malkin and the Penguins season.

As a fan, you want Malkin to go off, and that is what he did.  About a minute later Malkin scored on a sick backhand. 4-3.

Two minutes after that, Tampa makes some absurd line change. Malkin gets behind them:


Great pic, didn't catch this the first time around, but it looks like Malkin's dick is big as the state of Florida.

After that Tampa was stunned, and their moronic captain became unglued:

"Venetian Dental" stunned.

Malkin then stuck it in Lecajoke's ear and ended the game with an empty netter. Natural HT citttyyy. 6-3

Then Guy Boucher called a timeout. Uhhhh okay. He said this:

"I'm thinking, ‘It's not over'" Boucher said. "I am not one of those guys that want to be part of a fellowship of the miserable. I'm not quitting. There are guys that are down and they have trouble keeping going, but it's certainly not going to be the captain of the ship because I'm going to get up tomorrow and work."

No clue what that means.

Malkin damn near had a fourth goal, but he had his stick slashed. Being that it was going for an empty net, Malkin should have been awarded an automatic goal. But that didn't happen.

In the end, the Pens won, and Dominic Moore was humiliated. A true great day for hockey.