RECAP: End Of The Streak. PENS LOSE
Yeah, no joke — Your winning streak gets snapped at 12 games.
And the Flyers are the ones who did it.  It strikes that hockey nerve.
Might piss everyone off a little bit, but that's just business in the NHL.
At least you can break whatever annoying superstition you had during the streak.
Unless your superstition involves licking our balls.
As for the game itself, the Pens didn't play great, and they didn't play terrible.
A few of the wins in the tail end of the streak didn't see the Pens playing terribly hot, either.
Got to hand it to Laviolette.  Under his tutelage, the Flyers don't dig themselves into holes anymore, at least not against the Penguins.  Usually in a game like this, which Versus kept reminding us was the be-all end-all of professional hockey games, the Flyers would let their animosity toward the Pens get the better of them, and the Pens would cruise.  Not anymore.
And that was the problem.  The hate never flowed.  Pens came in expecting a physical game, and they didn't get it.  Malkin was back on the ice; he took a dumb penalty in the third that led to the go-ahead goal, but he also buried two powerplay goals. Pens had a chance to tie it at the end of the game, couldn't do it.  Everything's fine and dandy when you're winning.  Pens lose one game, and you're already seeing some Pens fans flipping out.
But time to move on.  It'll be interesting to see if the downer experienced from getting the winning streak snapped affects the Pens tonight when they host the Rags.
thanks to Gary P , Clint B. and Onetime for the pics.
Finally, after all these years, we've figured out who Peter Laviolette looks like: Chazz Palminteri.
Chris Kunitz was out for this game. 
Word is TIOPS whacked Kunitz's knee then ran to his computer to report it before anyone else.

Pens icing it like Buddy Valastro early.
Neither team getting any good shots.

Flyers then got a chance, catching the Pens on a line change.
Michalek pulls up to let MAF see the shot.
Nodl misses a wide open net, or maybe Martin got a piece of it.  Or maybe Nodl just sucks.

Orpik made some move in the neutral zone.
Nothing going on halfway through the first.  Playoff-like feel to the game.
Jeff Carter enters the defensive zone for the first time in his career and takes a puck off Crosby.

A Letang giveaway almost led to a Flyers goal.
MAF makes a save right in front.

The Flyers score after Fleury humiliates himself behind the net.
Losing his stick didn't matter anyway.
Puck bounces out of a crowd.  1-0.

Crosby's line starts doing shit in the final five minutes.
Then the Buzzers have a great shift.  Pens building some momentum.

Jeffery almost scored single-handedly coming out of the corner.

PERIOD RECAP:  Pens started to get dominated midway through.  Had difficulty getting shots on net.
Buzzers line helped get shit together.  No penalties in the first.  Flyers boring the Pens to death.
Malkin takes a stick to the face early.  Pens get a PP.
After a minute, that goes away when Matt Cooke heads to the box for a phantom penalty.
Worst call of the season thus far.

All the penalties expired.

Then Danny Briere goes off for hooking GoGo. What a troll.
Malkin was back in his old neighborhood on Jagr Street on the PP.
One-timer.  1-1.  Sid gets an assist.

Right off the next face-off, Chris Conner goes to the box.
Hartnell misses a wide open net on the PP.
Pens kill it.  Huge saves by MAF.

The Pens had a bunch of shit going halfway through the period.
Cycling the puck around, getting looks at the net.
Out of nowhere, Philly gets a 2-on-1.
Zherdev scores and pulls out an Erik Christensen celebration.  2-1.

Then the Pens had to take a penalty.  Killed.

Talbot almost scores on the Osgood play™.
Then Michalek goes to the box.  Probably his first penalty of the season.

PERIOD RECAP:  Craig Adams had a mini two-on-one with Jeffrey.  He tried to snipe it.
Love Craig Adams, but not a good decision.
Talbot and Briere go to the box early in the third.
Ref looks like an air-traffic controller making the calls.
On the 4-on-4, Malkin gets high-sticked(stuck) by Matt Carle.  Huge powerplay was coming.
Pens set up shop on a 4-on-3. Malkin gets the puck. 
Boucher never sees it.  Might have grazed something.  Either way, 2-2.
The Pens have some momentum, but they can't get over taking bad penalties. In a span of six minutes the Pens take two penalties. First Mike Rupp jobs some guy, then Malkin runs someone after he hits Crosby.
The Pens killed the Rupp penalty, but Malkin wasn't so lucky.
Pronger gets a shot through.  Puck hits off Candy and Hartnell.
It floats right into the net.  3-2.  Nothing MAF could do.
Pens try to get shit going after that. Crosby gets through for the first time all game. He has a wide-open Malkin, but Pronger lays down to block the pass.  Pens start to press after that.  Flyers get all kinds of chances.
MAF keeps the Pens in it with more big saves.
Tick tick tick
Under three minutes to play, Pens get caught pinching. Two-on-one for the Flyers.
MAF with the save.  Darren Powe runs into him with some help from Crosby.
Goalie interference.
Orpik comes in and eliminates Powe.  Somehow that doesn't get called.
About two minutes left, and the Pens get a powerplay for the tie. Only problem is that the PP never gets settled. No one is in the right place.  Malkin could never get over to the right side of the ice.  Boucher doesn't even have to make a save really. Letang misses the net like three few times. MAF goes to the bend  Some great plays to keep the puck in. But nothing doing.  Flyers clear.  Game. Malkin looked like he had missed a couple of games, had some bad turnovers.
He'll be thrown under the bus for taking that penalty in the third.
The tires on the bus would've been flat without his two goals anyway. Did the Pens miss Kunitz?
If anything, it would've assured Malkin and Crosby to be split up. Flyers fans didn't openly boo Crosby every time he touched the puck like they normally would.
And the CROSBY SUCKS chants weren't as noticeable.  Maybe they're becoming self-aware. Engelland had a decent game, took a penalty.
Best part is that he isn't dressing just to fight people.  He's a 6th d-man.  All there is to it. Going forward, how annoying is it going to be to hear announcers refer to the Flyers ending the Penguins winning streak? Richards took a run at someone in the first period, missed, and ran into the boards.  He connects, it's lights out. Comcast sucks. Ah, Flyer fans:
Thanks to Lisa R.
3.  Malkin.  Good to see that son of a bitch.
2.  Buzz Line.  Helped stem the tide in some spots.
1. MAF.  This game could've been a lot worse.