RECAP: Edmonton Sucks. PENS WIN.

Good bounce-back win for the Pens. Edmonton completely sucks, so the game really wasn't interesting.
But nonetheless the Pens took care of business.
Chris Kunitz got over the 20-goal mark.
Might've been a 30-goal if he and Crosby were healthy all season.
Also heard rumblings of Tyler Kennedy tying his all-time best total for points in a season.
Didn't care enough to look it up.
Pens have limited games coming up. No clue why.
Ottawa on Tuesday and then off until Sunday. So stupid.
Not sure if this is YouTube brings out nostalgia or depression, but here's the highlights of the last time the Oilers were in pittsburgh.  November 2008.


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Pens all over the Oilers early.
No shots hitting the net really.

Crowd reacted more toward the anthems than actual gameplay.

Oilers started doing shit.
Pens kept forcing turnovers in neutral zone.
So they forced a penalty.
The Backstreet Boys have run better power plays.  Killed.

8 seconds later, Pens were back on the PP.

Malkin's parents were on the big screen late in the first.
Biggest fan reaction of the game.
Kovy got too pumped about it and went to the box.
Martin went off for a crosscheck right after.
5-on-3 for 1:46.

Pens go to the office for the kill.
Michalek Island everywhere.
Cooke diving for pucks.
Adams blocking shots.
Talbot falling at center ice, almost hurting himself.

Pens kill it all off, and the fans go crazy.
Pens use the boost at the other end.
Chris Kunitz stick handles all alone in front.  1-0.

A lot of nothing. Some type of disallowed goal occurs.
No clue why it was made into a bigger deal than it really was.

Ben Lovejoy makes a big-time clearing attempt, Dupes makes a sick pass to Talbot.

Talbot makes a nasty move and/or falls. 2-0.

Kunitz gets jobbed.
Pens kill it.

Pens get a PP.
Killed again.

Pens get another last-minute goal.
This time, Staal and Cooke overwork some dude with no stick.
Kennedy puts it on net.  Staal cleans the kitchen.  3-0.

Oilers come out and score some goal. Looked if it was about to be Fukushima part one. 3-1

But shit settled.
Michalek Island found himself on a rush.
And he just blistered a shot past whoever plays goal for the Oilers.
Great goal.  4-1.
Pens got a powerplay a little bit later.
They finally scored. Kunitz built this city. 5-1.
One play that summed up the Oilers: rookie Magnus Paajarvi went to take a slap-shot on a powerplay and he hit Shawn Horcoff on his foot.
Only other thing of note in the third was Kris Letang getting destroyed by some jobber.
Brutal hit. Hope to God he doesn't have a concussion. are doing raffles for games now. Unreal. Prize was $4400+ sushi from Nakama is pretty decent. Penguins roll city. Mill still doesn't get. Don't need to start everyone sentence with an address to "fans." Feels cheap. much just ready for the playoffs at this point.