RECAP: Deep in the heart of Texas. PENS WIN.


Big-time win by the Pens no question.   They went deep into the heart of Texas, stole some cattle, killed someone on death row, then went down into The Alamo's basement and peed on the walls.
But all of that it is dampened by the Pens possibly losing Kris Letang to this hit:
thanks to Mike for this

The Pens simply cannot lose Kris Letang's 80 minutes of ice time per game.  No way in Hell.  They will be doomed.  Put that in the bank and hope you can add $300 to it when Paul Martin finally scores a goal.

But we can at least hope for the best here.  Worst-case scenario is that it's a concussion.  Best-case scenario is that Letang was fine, but the Penguins kept him on a tight leash after he left the ice so the Internet could be spared unlimited speculatory articles today about it or because Jeremy Roenick needed to make out with himself:



Some shit after the jump:

First period was a war zone.  The Letang hit rocked North America.  Engelland then rocked Nystrom a little later.  It was beautiful.  Completely made an ass out of Nystrom.

Despite the arena being far from a packed house, there was a playoff atmosphere.  Pens proved that they could go into a hostile environment and win a huge game, albeit in a shootout.

Pasqual(edzo) Dupuis made that unreal pass to spring Sullivan to tie it up.  Huge goal.

Then came the second period.  It was like both teams left, and people started talking about politics.  Not much to talk about.  Sheldon Souray put home that goal with 13 seconds left.  WTF.

2-1 going into the third.

The Pens came out for the third period down one goal on the road.  And they answered the bell.  Jordan Staal put one on net that Adams deflected in.  Craig Adams and Matt Cooke are both becoming BAMFs down the stretch, exactly what the Pens need.

40 seconds after the Adams goal, a shot from the point off Paul Martin's stick crashed your Internet Explorer.  The shot was deflected in by Chris Kunitz, who has been steady all season.  God, that goal felt good.


If the Stars have aspirations of making noise in the playoffs, they were gonna have to respond, and they did.  Tied it up. 3-3. Other than the Nystrom bullshit, the Stars are a pretty solid team to watch, even if Mike Ribeiro reminds you of that Seamus guy who lived on Joe Hammer.

Pens had to kill off a bullshit penalty heading into overtime.  Souray broke MAF's shit, but the puck stayed out.  Malkin/Neal didn't get out for OT together for some reason..

  • Steve Ott added another chapter to the Vagina Monologues by avoiding Arron Asham at all costs.  What a joke. 
  • Sullivan got hurt :(
  • Malkin was "off," as in he didn't score a goal.  The Pens got some goals from guys they expect to score.  No complaints.
  • MAF all day.  Look around at all the goaltending issues around the league.  Pens don't have any worries.
  • Stunned pics:

Old bitch stunned

Pics via Madee S