RECAP: Dale Hunter Sucks. PENS WIN.


Elizabeth AA
Paul Martin was the first star of the game.
He'll take anything he can get right now.
Starting to turn the corner the last few games.
ballllllllllllllllllllllls  in yourrrrrrrrrrrrr mouuutttttthhhhhhhhh
The Capitals are probably getting used to a new system and shit.  They've only been practicing Dale Hunter's system for like 3 days.  So the game last night was pretty much based on talent alone.

By the way, no clue what Dale Hunter's system even is.  Is it to commit unlimited turnovers?  Is it to just skate around until you get tired?  Their defense is solid.  It's hard to say something like that after a game in which they've given up 35 shots, but it's true.  The shot number was skewed, 35-17, just because the Caps offense sucks so bad and couldn't maintain any pressure.  The Pens basically made Washington a one-line team.  17 shots?  Get real.  Edmonton is last in the NHL, averaging 25.9 shots per game.
This picture was actually taken during one of Ovechkin's shifts.
Over the summer, we went through some phase where we were anti-Dan Bylsma's system.  But much like that phase where you thought Charlie Sheen was cool, it passed. And, God, we should be thankful for Dan Bylsma. He has a plan, and he has installed it.  Not to mention that "his game" was up to snuff against a coach who's he probably not even seen game tape on.  He had little to no clue on how he should gameplan against a Dale Hunter "system."
Dale Hunter has one suit and one tie and probably like two pairs of socks.  He dresses like he just got off work and is at some bar. He doesn't even look like he knows what is going on.  Bad times in Washington.
Canes on Saturday night.

Anthem of the night:

Adam B.
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The first was boring as shit mostly. The Pens outshot the Caps 13 to 4.
Two big things happened.
1. Craig Adams scored the opening goal to make it 1-0. The Pens' fourth line was spectacular all night.
2. John Erksine played team sheriff and fought Arron Asham.

And this guy was excited:
The fight woke the Caps up. They played a 10-minute stretch out of control. Ovechkin was flying around.  Stupid.  He probably fell a couple times.
3. Simon Despres and Burty (or Toozy?) were simply outstanding in the first. Really set the tone.  Despres had that one bad turnover that led to that Semin chance and took that penalty. But Despres was thrown into the fire this game, just like Goligoski was during the Caps series in the '09 run. But, then again, can't really call the Verizon Center last night "a fire."  Embarrassing showing by Caps fans during the game.  No emotion to start the game, booing the home team.  They didn't even sound like they cared the Caps scored their goal.
And this guy was there:
Shawn G.
John L
4. Marc-Andre Fleury probably played the puck 15 times behind the cage in that first period, and they were all smooth.  He was grabbing the puck, taking a peek, and making a play.  Guaranteed part of any team's plan is to make MAF handle the puck as much as possible.
5. Caps were turning over the puck everywhere.
Caps tied it when Ward beat Nisko on the icing call.  Chimera walked out in front.  Not sure Orpik knew he had Kunitz helping him on the back post.  That goal gave the Caps a sorely needed jump.  They had the Pens pinned in their own zone, dictating shit.
Ovechkin went off for interference.
Ovie and Backstrom teamed up later, and Backstrom hits the crossbar.
Pens went on the PK for the first time when Staal went off for "charging."  Horrible call.
Pens had a PP going into the third.
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Nothing on that PP.  Kunitz swoops in and beats Varlkoun.  Embarrassing goal to give up.
The Caps answered that goal…by doing nothing.  They seriously had 2 shots all the period.
2 shots
2 shots all
2 shots all period
Not even worth talking about. 
Orpik crushed Carlson near the end of the game, then Carlson went and did this:
Addam and Elizabeth AA.
Great way to start a weekend.
got his sign ripped.
Amazing work, everyone.