RECAP: Cloud Nine. PENS WIN.
This game was embarrassing for the Bruins.  A few of their players injured themselves out of their own stupidity.  Tim Thomas looked like a complete joke.  The defending champions had no answer for the hottest team in the NHL.
Speaking of which, the Pens are like 21-4-something in their last however many games that stat is.  That is unrealistic.  The top seed in the Eastern Conference, seemingly unattainable when the calendar flipped to 2012, is easily with the Pens' grasp.
Dckhead Islanders let the Rangers beat them in OT last night, or else this would've have looked even better.
Two things:
1. Don't listen to any bullshit about people being worried the Pens are "peaking" too early.  The stretch over the past 25 games has to do with the Pens finally having a consistent lineup every night that isn't ravaged by injuries.  This is Ray Shero's vision.  Actually, Ray Shero's vision involves Crosby and Letang, so that's even scarier.  The Pens haven't even peaked yet.  They're still sipping coffee at the lodge trolling snow bunnies.
2. Don't listen to any bullshit about Marc-Andre Fleury playing in too many games.  Bookmark this post, because come playoff time, MAF will have an off night, and the next day every radio show will stop talking about the Steelers draft picks to get on a soapbox about how Bylsma had MAF play too many games and he's fatigued.  Suck off.  MAF's in a zone like no one has seen before.  He's been like this since that horrific stretch at the beginning of last season.  Don't mess with it.  People point to Marty Brodeur playing in unlimited games, but he is obese and in the twilight of his career.  In the peak of his career, he was winning Cups while playing 70-some games.  God damn it.
Also, the Pens are on a 9-game winning streak.  Only problem is that it really hasn't been against the toughest of opponents.  That's why this game against the Bruins was huge.
Next 4 games will be dogfights if Winnipeg can win a couple before that tilt.
And pretty sure Crosby is playing in MSG on Thursday.
Recap after the jump:
Less than 4 minutes in, the Pens were up.  Asham. 1-0.  Again, Asham is coming to form at the right time.

Soon after that, James Neal rocked Chara, but he went to the box for it.  Pens killed that shit.

A defensive lapse left Rolston all alone in front.  He took his time for some reason, and Malkin was able to backcheck it off of him.

Next shift, Randy Quaid tries to avenge Chara by running Neal.  Only problem was that Quaid embarrassed himself.  Puck went out to the point, Neal went to the net. Niskanen shot gets deflected by Chara.  2-0.  Pens spit on Quaid on the way back to the bench.



Hitting continued after that.  Engelland eliminated someone.

Horrible no-call on Rolston holding up Cooke with a head of steam. Seriously horrible.

Bizarre sequence later.  Lucic slashes Michalek, and Krejci runs MAF behind the net.  Both referees called one of them, but only Lucic went off. WTF.   Chara interferes with Neal, and he goes off.  5-on-3 for 1:20.

The Bruins do an embarrassing line change, and Malkin quickly re-enters the zone.  Beautiful pass over to a streaking Neal.

Neal snipe.  3-0.

Pens still had a powerplay for basically the rest of the first.  But then Malkin gets tripped.  Another 5-on-3 coming.  Couldn't score to end the first.

Unreal period.

Pens had a lengthy powerplay to start the second.  Bruins kill it, and the Krejci sneaks through the Pens D.

Sick shot on MAF.  3-1.

It could've been a game.  But Malkin was playing.  Gets it to Neal while falling down.  Neal taps it over to Kunitz.  Too easy.


Game hit a lull for a while.  Then the Bruins scored.  Krejci again.  4-2.

Pretty much it.
Dupuis scored.  Cruise mode.  5-2.
Niskanen probably scored his goal right after this.
like a boss.  literally.  game.