RECAP: Bridge Over Troubled Vomit. PENS LOSE.
First off. Mark Recchi sucks.  During his third round of duty with the Penguins, Mark Recchi could barely skate. But not now. He is like 56, and he is scoring devastating goals against the Pens.  Just really pisses everyone off.
There are a lot of different opinions and thoughts about last night's epic collapse.  To each their own.  All we can say is that it's impossible to be blindsided by something you saw coming.  This is like the 200th time the Pens blew a two-goal lead in the third period at home.  But even though we saw it coming, it doesn't make it any better. The Bruins just kept scoring. And scoring.  It is hard to believe an NHL team folded that fast in the span of three minutes.
The dust has settled, questions that we thought were buried have risen from October's ashes.  Whispers have picked back up.  Good teams do not blow 2-0 leads at home with three minutes left.  At the very least, one would expect a point.
During the Pens recent marathon winning streak, we made a random post about how the Pens really hadn't beaten anyone during the streak.  The Flyers, atop the Atlantic Division, ended the streak.  This season, the Penguins are 8-11 against other Eastern Conference playoff teams. Take Atlanta out of that, the record is 5-11. Take Tampa out, it's 3-10.  You get the picture.  And it's uglier than Helen Hunt.
And with a schedule looming that looks like Shaq preparing to teabag you, it could get scary.  The Pens have to go back to Montreal on Wednesday. And then, all of sudden, a rematch with the Bruins on Saturday. And on Tuesday, the Wangs come to town.
Like squirrels, the Pens were wise to pile up some wins before the dog days of Winter set in.  The Pens have time to right this ship by the time April swings around.  We vaguely remember saying something like this last year at this time.
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Good old Sesame Street line kicked shit off.
The Pens' lines are all jumbled up.  It's like a Chinese fire drill, except there's actually a fire.

MAF looked really shaky to start the game.
Pens were getting some looks at the other end.
Marc Savard dives to mess up a Chris Conner chance.

Savard is a coward.
Versus shows Lemieux eating sushi with chopsticks in his box.  Not sure how to feel about this.
Only acceptable if the squid was from the river Ed Reed's brother jumped into.

Dustin Jeffrey is a dick and goes to the box.
Pens kill it.

After some shit, Pens were headed back to the box.
Matt Cooke high sticking.
Pens kill that, too.

Then the Pens have a 4-man rush, and Marc Savard slashes someone.  Huge late PP for the Pens.
Can't do anything with it to close out the first.

Malkin tried to hit Chara in there somewhere and bounced off like a fly.  Chara is a beast.

PERIOD RECAP: Did you know Pascal Dupuis hasn't scored a regulation goal against a goalie since December 8?  His last goal was a empty-netter. Not good.

Pens had the rest of that PP to work with.  Nope.

8 seconds later, Pens were back on the PP.  TK WTF.  Killed.  We've been jobbing TK all year.  It just isn't working for him right now.  No one is thinking he will score 20 goals, but the dude is a shift-killer right now.

Dupuis and Kunitz team up for a decent chance.

You would've be hard-pressed to find a more intense game in which nothing happened.  Finally, something happens. Rupp harmlessly carries it down the wing.  Backhand.  1-0.

The Bruins start turning it up, but Recchi trips Letang.  Recchi complains, as if it wasn't the most obvious penalty he's ever taken. He gets another penalty. What an idiot.  But it was a huge foreshadowing to other events.

Pens set up shop, and it wasn't looking good.  Paul Martin finally settles shit down and gives it to Geno on Jagr Street.  He feeds a sick saucer pass over to Letang.  Letang decides he's gonna fire a one-timer on net.  What a shot.  2-0.

Orpik hits Savard after a play.  4-on-4 action.   Savard has became the spokesman for hitting in the NHL. If he doesn't like it, he causes all kinds of shit.  Big save by MAF on Lucic on that play, too. MAF was key in the second.

Then it was back to 4-on-4.  Bizarre ending to the period.

PERIOD RECAP: You could almost feel the meltdown coming.  It was in the air.  Like SARS.
Let's just get right to the point.
Everything was going fine. MAF was solid, making huge saves.
Then Mark Recchi runs him. No call. Ref looked like he felt bad for Recchi.
Then Brooks Orpik got called for a boarding penalty that was not a boarding penalty.
Terrible call. Game-changing.
PK unit kills the first minute.
But with a little under 30 seconds left on the kill, Chara knucklepucks one past MAF.  2-1.
It didn't feel right. You could see it about to happen. 12 seconds later, it did.
Brad Marchand is the benefactor of a really bad defensive play by Paul Martin.  He has a wide-open net.  2-2.
It gets worse. Bruins are everywhere. Staal takes a holding penalty.
On the ensuing powerplay, the puck just will not leave the zone.  People out of position.
Somehow Mark fucking Recchi finds the loose puck.  Bats it past MAF.  3-2.
No words to describe this feeling.
Pens are too stunned to do anything about it.  Bruins get an empty netter.  4-2.  Game.
NOTES:  Goes without saying these collapses against the Bruins are cause for concern.  Very similar thing happened to the Bruins in Montreal recently. They blew a two-goal lead, but at least they got a point in OT. have lost 5 of 6, pretty sure. were 18-2 leading when after two periods.
They still have not won a game this year where they have trailed in the third period. Quote: "Our goaltender played outstanding," Penguins coach Dan Bylsma said.