RECAP: Big Trouble In Little Goal Crease. PENS LOSE.


For whatever reason there seems to be this complex with some Penguins fans that when you criticize Marc-Andre Fleury, you are therefore immediately blaming the loss on him and people call you an idiot and a hater. But when you criticize the powerplay, a Mike Yeo joke is made, and people start playing grab-ass. No idea how that can be.
The Pens have a laundry list of problems. Our personal favorites:
1. No offense
2. Horrible powerplay
3. Terrible goaltending from Marc-Andre Fleury
Not one of this in our opinion is more important than the other. They all go hand in hand.
But don't worry.  Everything will go away.  It's only October.
And then it will be November.  Then March.
Fiddy14, RussMuffinCity
If you missed the first 3 minutes of this game, you had no idea what the hell was going on when you turned the game on.
9 penalties had already been called, 30-plus penalty minutes.
Matt Cooke and Mike Richards closed the chapter on Richards' whining from the last game.
Then Engelland and Shelley fought.
And then Shelley got pumped
Only good thing to come from this game were Engelland photoshops.
Kris Letang pinches deep. Malkin feeds him. 1-0.
Rest of the period was kind of chippy.
Engelland was everywhere. Elbowed Carcillo in the mouth.
Pens get a PP late. It would go into the second.
The best part of the second period for the Penguins was walking past Suite 66.
Because everything else was a colossal disaster.
Worst period of hockey in maybe 5 years.
The powerplay found a way to reach new lows and the Flyers took advantage.
Leadership broke up a pass and went for a partial breakaway.
Letang got to him and stripped the puck.
But oops. Claude Giroux goes undefended down the slot.
Leadership feeds him with a money pass. 1-1.
Things worsen. Philly starts getting chances.
It all comes to a head, and the Flyers take a 2-1 lead on a deflection goal by Carcillo.
The highlights won't show this, but the Flyers harmlessly dumped the puck in, and Fleury went to play it.
He mishandled it, feinted playing it, no clue.
The Pens never got the puck out. Terrible goaltending, man. sorry.
Rest of the period is garbage.
Bob-rossky makes some huges saves.
Shelley took some penalty, and the Pens got a powerplay.
Yeah. Okay. Here's what it looked like:
-David K.-
Is there a "third-period powerplay" stat somewhere?
We remember it from last year.
Pens were dead last.
Things go from bad to worse. Pens take a too many men penalty:
Flyers get some goal off a skirmish in front of the net. 3-1.
This game was shit.
Kennedy scored to make it 3-2. Great pass by Crosby.
As we sat there watching the Pens' final push to tie, we wondered how the hockey gods would justify helping the Pens send the game to overtime.
But the hockey gods are wise. Game.
No pictures. Don't care.
Can't remember the last time we were this frustrated and pissed over a late October game.
They're moving the Kate Smith statue away from The Spectrum.
Thanks to for this.
She nailed this right on the money.
First time in Twitter Contest history.