RECAP: All that glitters is gold. PENS WIN.
A couple of great things out of this game.  One was Brent Johnson not embarrassing the human race.  Whatever his injury was, it looks cleared up.  Another great thing was that an apparently out-of-sorts Pens team went into the building of a team fighting for a playoff spot and matched the intensity.  The Sabres were the hottest team in the league, on a 5-game winning streak.  Not anymore.
And how about Dupuis' 13-game point streak?  WTF.  Longest points streak in the league this season.
Biggest game of your life on Sunday.
Got some pics after the jump.  For a full write-up of game action, HEYYYYY FANNNSSSS has it all.
This pic can easily be Photoshopped.
go pens