RECAP: A Bounce Apart. PENS WIN.

It's mid-November, and we're chanting the name of the franchise, $5mill-per-year goaltender in the hopes that he gets his shit together.
The last time Pens fans felt he needed this was before Game 6 of the 2009 SCF.
Whatever it takes.


Thanks to Steph for this.

This was Fleury's best game of the season.  No question about that.
Tampa Bay didn't show up until the third, but the Pens finally got a few bounces and some timely goals. 

On to Atlanta the Pens go.  Big Buff.


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The Fleury chant was probably the only exciting thing that happened in the first period.

Tampa Bay looks half-tired and half-trying to figure out how to play without Vinny Lecavlier.  They didn't register a shot for awhile.
The Pens get a few shots on the always shaky Mike Smith.

Then Guy Boucher breaks out his beloved 1-3-1 thing.
Pens have some major issues with it.
                                                                 We have some issues with that moustache too.

The Pens' defense had some major issues later on in the first.
Guess you just have to take the bad with the good.
Some really low-percentage pinches in deep.

Bergenheim gets the sick into Letang's face.
Pens powerplay is a mess.

Big Z draws the task of shutting down Marty St. Louis, and he thrives on it.  Really good game from him.
Mike Rupp takes his usual penalty. Pens kill it.

If your eyes closed and you almost fell asleep in the first, you aren't alone.

Period Recap: Snnnooorreee

Marty St. Louis kicks off the second period. He blows past the Pens D.  Very similar to the breakaway he got in the game earlier this year.

This time MAF waits him out, forcing St. Louis to embarrass himself.
MAF's first big save in awhile.

Pens and Lightning trade powerplays. Letang supposely boarded Stamkos.
Boarding is now apparently when you hit a player from behind and then that player dives into the boards.
Stamkos is a giant baby.

Just before you can get mad at Letang and GoGo again, they show why they can be so good.
Letang gets a perfect shot on net. Dupes with the deflection. 1-0.
The cross-ice backhand pass by Talbot can't be shrugged at.

Right after that, Rupp makes up for it and finds GoGo backdoor.
No clue what Mike Smith thought was going to happen on that play.  2-0.  Idiot.
Mike Rupp gets called for a penalty immediately after the goal. Bizarre moment.

Feels like the Boston game.
 Pens everywhere, goalie cruising.

And then Bergenheim takes another high sticking penalty.  Four-minute powerplay for the Pens.
And with a chance to almost put the game out of reach, the powerplay falls apart again. No shots as the period ends.

Period recap: Tampa looked disinterested

Not sure what happened during the second intermission, but it wasn't good.
Pens come out flat as shit. The powerplay does nothing, and then Tampa comes alive, thanks to a couple powerplays.

First, Orpik gets a four-minute high-sticking penalty. 
But then Ryan Malone gets called for some penalty. Probably a bad call.
He found a $50 bill in the penalty box, so he was happy.

But then it all goes to hell.
Dupes gets a tripping penalty as the Malone penalty expires.
 So, now, with a little time left on the Orpik penalty, it's a 5-on-3 for Tampa.

St. Louis and Stamkos waste no time.
Stamkos takes a one-timer from St.Louis and just smokes one past MAF. 
No goalie in the NHL stops that shot.  USPS should make that goal into a commemorative stamp.
What a shot.  2-1.

Across the street, you could hear the Civic Arena chuckling a little bit.

It gets worse. Time still left on the powerplay somehow after the Stamkos goal.
Matt Cooke takes a penalty.

5-on-3 city. Guy Boucher calls a timeout.

Pens put everyone on Stamkos, thank god, but he somehow gets a shot off.
Rebound floats to St. Louis, and he chips it towards to the net.
Sick save by MAF and great job by Orpik getting the puck out of there after it bounces off him.

The Pens kill the penalty, but the Lightning are still rolling.

Then finally the Pens get a big goal.  Rupp gets away with interference and springs Talbot on a 2-on-1.
Talbot Osgood's Mike Smith. Perfect shot.  3-1.
Hugggge goal.  Girl in blue probably has an unreal pic.
Then Mike Smith gives up. Crosby gets a cheap goal.
Then Engelland drops the leg.  5-1.

Game. talks about MAF.'s best game since Game 7 probably. is unbelievable. talked about St.Louis's legs for 10 minutes. He should see his penis.