RECAP 24/7: Mark Madden To Blame For Winter Classic Loss

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So, 24/7 has come and gone.  It was a great ride.  The send-off at the end of Episode 4 summed up why anyone reading this is a hockey fan.  And while the Pens/Caps rivalry long ago made The Sum Of All Fears our favorite movie, we sit here united with Caps fans and fans of every hockey team in the world when we say hockey is the greatest fucking sport in the world.   Football has gotten too into itself, baseball has almost become an acquired taste, and basketball is who knows.  We love hockey.  Watching the Penguins lose to the Capitals in the Winter Classic does nothing to change this.

If you're looking for the reason why the Pens lost, it's Mark Madden.  Bruce Boudreau was seen on HBO putting this Mark Madden article on a whiteboard in the Caps WC locker room.  Can't wait to get a screenshot of it.

As we already knew, the Pens didn't seem too broken up about the Winter Classic.  Bylsma's little speech after the game summed up the gamut of emotions: Disappointment, Regret, and Hockey Is Great.  And as it was proven in the four 24/7 episodes, the difference between Dan Bylsma and Bruce Boudreau is embarrassingly staggering.

Some screenshots via our boys at 96.1 [ Freak Show ]

Matt Cooke's son:

A.O.'s thoughts:


Highlight of the episode came in the form of swear words that everyone had a boner about for all 4 episodes.

–MAF's cockiness toward players in the Heinz shootout.

–And Ray Shero playing to the HBO cameras when pretending to get on Bylsma's case about the Islanders loss.  Shero knows the loss was nothing in the grand scheme of things and, if anything, gave the Pens a look at how a team can be in their mouth.  If you don't take a lesson away from when shit goes wrong, you're a joke.

–Go Pens.