RECAP: 24/7 Episode Two — Some Scenes and Download Link
Since HBO and the NHL made Episode One available online, we don't feel bad giving out this link.
You don't have to pay anything.
Just scroll to the bottom right for "slower download."
File took 18 minutes to download.  You may need VLC to play the file.
Being a Pens fans all these years, we've assumed a lot of things about the Capitals organization; all of them bad.
What HBO has given us is proof that everything we've assumed is true.  EVERYTHING.
After last week's first episode, Episode Two had a lot to live up to, and it did for the most part.  Steve Lepore points out in his very detailed review that the series didn't really deviate from the first episode's outline.  Good recap of the episode at that link.
But who cares.
The mark of a good TV show is when you find yourself looking at the clock to see how much time is left in the show. This is one of those programs.  It needs to be longer.  If they sell a DVD of this with extended scenes, we'll pay up to $100.
So many great scenes in this episode.
Here are some of our favorites:
Mike Green and his moccasins ride a scooter to work:

Again, we've always assumed Mike Green was a complete and utter douche. He has met our expectations.
Dude is riding a Vespa around D.C. in 30-degree weather.  Beyond stupid.
66 takes the ice:

Enough said. Heard some wooing going on.
George McPhee's Boston drama:

This seemed like it was from a movie.
Hard to imagine Ray Shero acting like this. What a scarf.
Crosby explaining rituals and why Malkin walks out behind him:

Refs drinking beer after the game:

Borderline call on Dupes gets celebrated. Gotta love them throwing back a beer after games.
They have a pretty tough job.  Probably threw back beers after calls that went the Pens' way, too.
Matt Cooke pulled a prank on former Pen Paul Bissonnette, cutting his skate laces on the morning of the Phoenix game and sticking wrapped bubble gum into the fingers of his gloves.  BizNasty didn't play that night, so whatev.  HBO didn't air Biz's reaction, but he mentioned it on Twitter, saying what he told the HBO cameras:
Other great stuff:
-Matt Hendricks looked like he was assaulted by a drug lord.  Great closeups.
-Mike Knuble speech.  Underrated moment.  Huge leadership.  No clue why Knuble doesn't wear the "C".
-So far the only thing Ovechkin has done is screamed "fuck" and gotten handjobs from the team trainer.
-Godard jobbed Manny Pacquiao.  Cerebral move by Godard to get on HBO.
You should download it.  Link at the top of this post.  Great stuff.
Go Pens.