RECAP: 24/7, Episode 1 [Updated: video]

Not only did the first episode of HBO's 24/7 live up to the hype, it surpassed it.  Over the past couple weeks, there's been an onslaught of articles about the HBO shit.  It was almost getting unbearable.  But in retrospect, it was all justified.

As Pens fans, we really have no idea how fans from other cities are looking at this first episode.  There will undoubtedly be an explosion of articles on the Internet about this first episode, so rev up your Google searches.
From a Pens fan's perspective, this show is amazing.   It goes without saying that the production quality is world-class.  You almost forget you're watching a documentary about two professional hockey teams.
Trying to relay everything that was touched upon in this episode would be an exercise in futility.
Nothing we type can do it justice.
Plus it would take maybe three days for us to relay all the information in the way we'd want to.
There is a great scene with Ray Shero.
We will mention, however, that everything we assumed about Bruce Boudreau is 100% correct.
His obsession with the Penguins is ridiculous.
And he even mentions HBO cameras being around the team.  Stupid.
"It's a tough month. And HBO's in here. And I can't sit here without saying what needs to be said. I guarantee you in the Pittsburgh locker room when they've won 10 in row and they're undefeated in their last 12 games, everything is laughing and joking. And they're going to be talking about the two teams, one struggling, and one having the time of their lives."
The show has its first banner moment when Boudreau does an interview with food all over his face.

Here are some screenshots from the episode:

Thanks to Molly M. for these.


Here are two videos from the show. We'll have more this afternoon.

 Engelland fight:



Dupes walking into practice: