READ OF THE DAY: SI Article on officiating

The NHL is kind of a mess right now. [ SI ] has a good story.

But for all the shortcomings one can point to in the league office and among the officials, the problem begins with the players themselves. The referees have to keep the peace, and the NHL Department of Player Safety must supplement their efforts and help set the tone, but it’s the players who act the way they do and it can be hard to rein them in. “There’s so much emotion in these playoffs that sometimes teams lose games because they get too wrapped up in the emotions of the game,” McGuire said on Monday morning. Sometimes, the best efforts of the league, the refs and the coaches aren’t enough.

Best part of the article. You know when Pierre starts making sense we're all fucked. But it is true. Everyone is all jammed up about the shit that is happening, yet no one is blaming the players. Blame Gary Bettman all you want, but he can't stop Kris Letang from playing like a 12 year old.


h/t to Avocado Tom for the link