RC Cola, Kielbasa Sandwich Star in Consol Energy Debut

Derek went on a taste-testing adventure at Consol.
This is his story.
Aramark came out guns blazing yesterday in a food tasting for the new Smokehouse Grill at Consol Energy Center.
The tone was set admist the smell of pulled pork and BBQ chicken.
The menu:
We got to try almost every item on the menu.
Prices weren't listed, and we forgot to look at them. $6 to $7.50 range sounds right.
Best sandwhich
Kielbasa Grinder – Complete package. From the Italian roll to the shaved Kielbasa: nothing but goodness. The sample size was big enough to fill us, so the normal plate, we gather, will be plently. Washed downed with beer on a cold winter night or a warm April evening, this sandwhich is big-time.
Pulled porkedMouthwatering. The crispy onions and possible sauces make it dangerous.
Could see a joke home game against the Islanders turn into a pulled-pork eating competion very easily.
Dark Horse
Sirloin French dip – Roast beef, swiss cheese on a hard roll. Surprised everyone.
The biggest question is this: It comes with a french dipping sauce.
Will problems arise with the dipping sauce? Chris Devivo of the Penguins and the blog Backteching had the maiden spill.
It could be the perfect stand-around-and-bullshit sandwhich at intermission. Not sure about the travel to the seats.
The possibility of the dipping sauce spilling puts the sirloin French dip in dire straits.
In the drink deptartment, major changes.
RC Cola is now the pop of choice.
Totally forgot how good it is. Can't go wrong with 7-Up either.
The last item to address is the nachos. Afrer holding a summit with Seth from Empty Netters, we both agreed that there is more research needed. New options for nachos, as well, bring new possibilites.