Ray Shero: “Ride or die”


Good stuff from the PG today. [ Shero plans to be active ]

"There aren't a lot of guys who are selling players [yet], so it's not like players are getting thrown at me, left and right," he said. "I have an idea of what I want to do and what price I might want to pay — and not overpay, obviously.

A lot of people, including us, have thought about just closing up shop for the season. Just see what the current team can do. No Crosby and No Malkin. No chance.
Well we’re getting the feeling that Shero is just going to say “fuck that.” And you know what?
We love it.
No idea what Shero has planned. But look at it like this. Somehow, despite the last two months, the Penguins have the second best point total in the East.  You cannot discount that at all.
Once the Playoffs start all bets are off, but worse teams have made miracle runs.
Who is to say picking up Alexei Kovalev and a top defenseman wouldn’t make this team dangerous.
And of course all the while Crosby lurks in the background.
Could you imagine somehow the Pens win two playoff series on the blood and guts of Marc Andre Fleury and Jordan Staal’s hair. And then right before the ECF against the Flyers a certain someone's headache goes away?
The trade deadline is on Feb 28th. Man.