Questions about Shero are valid, but criticism? Get real.

There is some growing sentiment that "Penguin fans," are really upset that Zach Parise didn't sign here.
The Penguin fan base is getting torched and thrown into one giant generalization because of it. We'd venture to say less than 2% of the entire fanbase is jammed up over Shero not landing a major free agent.
It's totally embarrassing.
Why are some people upset? Two main points.
  • They think Shero waited to long and wasted his time with Parise.

Come on now. Read the quotes here from Mike Colligan:

“The agents that represent [both players] have a process in place that every team has to go through,” said Shero. “We followed that and it took four days to find out [an answer], but we respect the process.”

Not to mention, Parise was the first domino to fall. No one was making a move until he did.


Second reason..

  • Shero traded away Staal, and Michalek. Only return was Sutter.

This is the number one issue a lot of people are having. And to be fair, we can see their point. It is a legit question.
This is an issue for some because of one thing. Patience. We want the payoff move now. Instant gratification. That isn't going to happen.
Yes, we agree, the Penguins need to fill some holes, and they will.
If there was a way to renounce some of the people that call sports shows, or comment on blog posts from the Penguin fan base we would have found it by now.
In our minds the fanbase is fine, it just sometimes get infected with "Pittsburgh fanboys," that can't believe anything couldn't go the way of a sports team that shares the city with the six-time superbowl champion Pittsburgh Steelers.
Point is, there is no point. Go fuck yourself if you think there isn't knowledgeable people in this fanbase. We'd direct this to the media, but that is…
A. Stupid, and B. No one in the media cares. It's not like major radio stations steal everything on our site and put it on their facebook wall. 
For christ sake, if you really, really think that this off-season is a disaster, email us with your post. Tell us why we are wrong, and what your issue is.
This is no means a post we are going to end with something lame like " in shero we trust," because that's whatever to. 
But remember, it's a long time between now and October 1st. It is even longer between now and when the cup is won. The results will write themselves.
And then the time to judge will be upon us.