“I’m Sorry.” Malkin Injury Reaction Begins.

Great piece from Pierre Lebrun on the early reaction to the Malkin injury: [ ESPN ]
"I'm sorry," read the text message.
It was from Evgeni Malkin to Penguins GM Ray Shero.
"I told him he had nothing to apologize for, geez," Shero told ESPN.com on Saturday in the wake of devastating news for the NHL club. "I feel so bad for him."
Shero went on:
"The positive is that this happened today and not March 1," Shero said. "From that standpoint, we have time to react between now and Feb. 28 if we need to do something."
All kinds of names being thrown around right now, and with the trade deadline only 23 days away expect the suggestions and rumors to only increase.
Rob Rossi says the Pens will seek a second opinion, but it is likely Malkin is out for the season. [ Trib ]
Just a sickening feeling right now.
Be well Geno. Be well.




Our boy Yeskey with this:

10 games or 24 days before Pens can apply for cap relief due to LTIR.