Proposed Penguin trades: Day 8

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It should be noted that these are just ideas, these are not rumors.

This trade proposal was sent in by Mattew F. 

Teams: Pittsburgh Penguins/Nashville Predators

To Pittsburgh: Cal Clutterbuck, conditional pick
To Minnesota : Arron Asham, Eric Tangradi

Cal Clutterbuck is a physical winger who can also fill the fighting role that Asham sometimes plays, and doesn't have the history of concussions that Asham now has. He's 24 years old, and has scored almost 20 goals playing in Minnesota, who aren't known for scoring a lot of goals. His physical presence could make him a decent player to play with Crosby if he played like Kunitz, assuming Bylsma keeps Kunitz with Malkin and Neal.

Minnesota still get a physical winger in Asham who could refill the fighter they lost, and gain a possible top 6 forward in Tangradi. Tangradi can be a 20-30 goal scorer in the NHL, but it just hasn't panned out for him in Pittsburgh. A change in scenery to a team that plays at a lower pace than the Penguins might be all he needs.

Tangradi is RFA after this season, Clutterbuck after next season, and Asham is UFA after this season

Cap Hits:
Tangradi: $845,833 Asham: $775,000 (Total: $1,620,833)
Clutterbuck: $1.4 million

As the salaries are similar and the Wild still have plenty of cap room, both teams would still be under the cap.

feel free to expand or hate wherever you feel
-Matt F.



Cal Clutterbuck isn't bad. Big time hitter, grind city. Asham, when healthy, can be a big time asset especially in the playoffs. Minnesota probably holds Clutterbuck in high regards. Can't get over Gonch destroying him though. 


P.s. Eric Tangradi is nothing but a throw away at this point. Hard to believe he has any value in a trade.