Proposed Penguin trades: Day 6

Everyday until the trade deadline we'll post a proposed Penguins trade. You can send yours in over email to
But don't bother sending just the trade proposal. We want a detailed post with cap numbers, reasoning, etc. 

It should be noted that these are just ideas, these are not rumors.

This trade proposal was sent in by Joe S:

Teams: Pittsburgh Penguins / Nashville Predators

To Pittsburgh: Sergei Kostitsyn
To Nashville: Matt Niskanen


This trade works well for both teams. Nashville is going to need puck-moving defenseman with Shea Weber and Ryan Suter's future in question. Suter already claimed he's going to test free agency, regardless if he's traded or not and Shea Weber probably will do the same. Niskanen gives Nashville a solid, mobile, puck-moving defenseman who's 24 years old that would fit Barry Trotz's system like a glove.

Kostitsyn gives the Penguins a skilled winger who can play either side of center. Kostitsyn is sort of like a poor man's Alexander Semin, tons of skill but his work ethic is sometimes called into question. Kostitsyn obviously isn't as much as a douche as Semin, or his brother Andrei, but he still is accused of taking the occasional shift off. None-the-less, he's a perennial 20 goal scorer and 50 point player that could play with either Crosby or Malkin. He's quick enough to play with Crosby, but plays enough of an east to west game to fit with Malkin. He also brings a decent amount of grit and is somewhat physical.

Both players are RFAs after this season.

Kostitsyn's cap hit: $2.5M
Niskanen's cap hit: $1.5M

Both teams would be able to fit both players under their respective caps.


As I stated above, Sergei could fit well with either Crosby or Malkin. He's got great vision, hands and shot. He has a lot of potential and could probably hit the mid-twenties in goals and mid-fifties in points playing with Crosby or Malkin. He already put up 50 points last season playing with David freaking Legwand, imagine the damage he could do with one of our two centers.