Proposed Penguin trades: Day 1.

Everyday until the trade deadline we'll post a proposed Penguins trade. You can send yours in over email to
But don't bother sending just the trade proposal. We want a detailed post with cap numbers, reasoning, etc.
We'll start:

Proposed trade teams: Penguins/Oilers.


The trade

To Penguins: Ales Hemsky
To Oilers:  Tyler Kennedy,Dustin Jeffery, 3rd round pick


 Even though Hemsky is having an embarrassing season ( 4g 18a -15) he is a legit 20 goal scorer, and he has big time talent. He can create space, and he can dish the puck. 


Hemsky, Ales  $1,285,40
Kennedy, T. » $627,027
Jeffrey, D. » $180,270
Pens would probably have to cut someone or throw a different player in the trade as they would be over the cap.


Yea this trade probably doesn't happen. Had to throw Jeffrey in because he is probably the Penguins that has the most value. Kennedy's value is his cap hit. Hemsky is a floater, would thrive if he played with Malkin or Crosby. Not a grinder at all, though. This is assuming maybe Crosby comes back. Also, Hemsky is going to be a free agent. So his cap money, and the money owed to Kennedy could go to James Neal.
Projected Lines: Dupes-Crosby-Hemsky
Email us your trade proposals if you have any.