Proposals to save Civic Arena

John V. recently directed our attention to a website at where numerous proposals to save Civic Arena have been submitted.  Each one is in .PDF form, and we've taken the time to go through each one so you don't have to.  Pens don't play till Sunday, so you probably will go through these anyway.
[Re]Purposing the Civic Arena PDF
-This one just looks like they want to gut the Arena but keep the half of the roof where the cantilever is and build another Tanger Outlets or something.
Plant the Arena…Grow the Hill: Eco-City PDF
-Just the use of the word "city" makes us want to back this one.
-This proposal revolves around putting a big glass ball in the arena.
Wylie Avenue Green PDF
-No clue
Civic Agora PDF
-Looks like it's gonna be a mall where emo people stand around.
-Sounds like a U2 album.
Community Natatorium PDF
-Huge swimming pool
The Necessity of Ruins PDF
-A smart move to name this like it's a Steven Seagal movie.
-It looks like they want to cover the roof with ivy or something.  Bizarre.
Civic Minded PDF
-Keeping the arena there but just growing trees around it.
The Urban Harvest Center PDF
-They want to build multiple mini domes around the Civic Arena where people can rock-climb, ride bikes, and shop at Whole Foods.
Civic Ecology PDF
-Looks like they want to turn Civic Arena into a big wind turbine or something.
Civic Eco Snail PDF
-Let's just move on.  No way this is real.
Civic Growth Center PDF
-Yeah, this pic is actually the leading picture in their proposal.  Just taking a Google Maps screenshot and photoshopping in crop circles.
CIVIC | movement PDF
-This looks like it's just so that Civic Arena somehow stays a part of our lives.
Civic Station PDF
-Turning it into Pittsburgh's Grand Central Station.
-Dogs are welcome apparently.
Flexible Fusion: Merging History + Recreation PDF
-They want this to be the headquarters of chess players.
-The only submission to use pictures from the 1700s.
Meet The Circles PDF
-No clue
Pittsburgh Historical Center and Memorial Museum PDF
Save the Igloo PDF
-Dr. Seuss comes back to put together a PDF.
Saving an ICON: The Preservation + Repurpose of Mellon Arena PDF