Professional Philadelphia journalist acts unprofessionally

Joe Vitale took that puck to the head last night in the Pens/Bruins game.   Philadelphia fans had nothing else to do since the Rangers were bitch slapping their team, so they took to the Internet and expressed their pleasure in Vitale's misfortune, calling it a case of karma catching up with Fifth Avenue Joe.
But it wasn't just Flyers fans.  Turns out that professional journalists can make fools of themselves on the Internet, as well.  Case in point: Colleen Wolfe of the FOX 29 team in Philadelphia.
This is her.
The boys at KISS posted a screenshot of her immature and unprofessional tweets before she deleted them.  For some reason, she decided not to delete the apology about the tweets.  Bizarre move.
(Darnay city)
Wolfegang made a couple mistakes here.
1.)  Never delete anything on the Internet.  Ever.  It will come back and bite you in the ass every single time.
2.)  Journalists will throw barbs come playoff time, especially when rival teams/cities are involved.  Don't backpedal after saying shit.
3.)  She named her cat Ernest Hemingway.