Prayers For Clover

Sad email from reader Marc W. about his pet Clover.
Animals suffering gets us every time. Probably because we love our pets more than we like people:
Hey guys,

This is Clover.  She is as pure a Pens fan as you will find, and I recently found out she has cancer.  I know she is a Pens fan because she has curled up by my side for every Penguin's game for the past 9 years.  Whether it was Kraft feeding Fata, or Crosby feeding Guerin, she was with me for every game. 

We are treating her cancer, but it is not going well.  I am hoping that the combined efforts of fellow Pens fans can help her to beat the cancer and bring her back to health. 

I am not asking for anything here beyond your thoughts and prayers.  Pens games would not be the same without her.

Get well soon, Clover.