Portrait Commissions

Losing my "real job" almost 3 years ago turned out to be a good thing. Rather than pushing pixels 
for the man all day, i've been lucky enough to pay the rent by selling stuff like these portraits. 
Each portrait (based on the sketches from a few posts down) are done with Sharpie &
metallic gold paint marker on Museum-quality display board and measure 11.75" x 34.75".
I've already had people asking if prints will be available and unfortunately it looks
like it's not gonna happen anytime soon due to a few factors. I am, however,
open to making new sets by hand for anyone interested(that's better than a print, right?).
I'm currently working on new sketches of other players -past and present –
to convert to this format. If you're interested, feel free to hit me up via email at
stephen.slesinski@gmail.com or on twitter @tPBStephen