Playoff White Outs

Again this year, the Penguins are calling for "white outs" during the playoffs.  The only difference this year is that the Pens are selling white out shirts this year for $14.99, rather than giving them out like they did for select games over the past couple of seasons.  Or at least that's how it looks.  Either way, almost everyone has something white they can wear if they want to.  The effect likely won't be the same if you're counting on people to wear white, rather than handing out shirts though.

A portion of the proceeds will go to The Pittsburgh Penguins Foundation.  The Pens will still be handing out white "rally towels" for the games.

Also, the big screen will be back but in a different location.

It'll be interesting to see how the CONSOL atmosphere is during the playoffs.

Go Pens.