Playoff Gameday – Round One, Game Five – Flyers

Philadelphia Flyers @ Pittsburgh Penguins – 7:30 PM/ET

Flyers Lead Series 3-1

Consol Energy Center – Pittsburgh, PA



Cheer as loud as you can for as long as you can. No matter what is going on, be loud. No matter where you are, be loud. Be loud for the goals. Be loud for the saves. Be loud for no reason at all. Be loud.

Be with him all night.

This could be your last chance to cheer this team on this year. If you can't make some noise tonight, with the Pens facing elimination by the Philadelphia Flyers, when can you?

After the Penguins lost game three, we all wanted a game four victory. We just wanted to keep the series alive and to see it come back to Pittsburgh. Now it's back. Now the House that Mario Built will get the chance to show what it's truly made out of. The Igloo is gone, but the energy it carried for more than 40 years of Penguins games is still out there somewhere. It's still with us.

Remember what it was like to hear John Barbero announce a goal. Remember hearing "Rock & Roll Part 2." Remember the cotton candy. Remember the chants and the cheers. Remember the Igloo.

These things don't just disappear forever. We carry them with us for the rest of our lives, even if the old building and many of the people who made it special are gone.

"No good thing ever dies."

It's time to start bringing these memories, these emotions, these feelings and these moments into the Consol Energy Center. This could be the new building's first big moment tonight. It's time to start building this arena's legacy, so that 40 years from now people will ask you to "Remember the Consol" before a big game. 

"This is a much different building than the Igloo," Hartnell said. "You were almost scared coming into the Igloo, people were right on you. And how dumpy the place was, it was tough. I think it's good we have the confidence to play here. We know in our hearts and our heads we can beat these guys."

Prove him wrong.

Last Game: April 18th, 2012 – Penguins won 10-3

What we said:

Has the seed for the unthinkable been planted? Or has the inevitable just been prolonged? No clue. We just wanted to see the Penguins win a game, if only to see if it could be done. And, good lord, did they make a statement.

And now the series shifts back to Pittsburgh and the beleaguered CONSOL Energy Center where the Penguins have lost five straight games. Five straight games on home ice. How much longer can something like that continue?

Remember The Igloo on Friday. Remember how we used to fight there. Build on the momentum and drag this son of a bitch back to Philly.

Know Your Enemy: Broad Street Hockey

What they're saying:

The Pittsburgh Penguins have all the confidence and all the momentum heading into Game 5 tonight. That's what happens when you beat a team 10-3 in the playoffs, regardless of how far down you are in the series when that happens. But think about it: The Flyers had all the confidence and momentum heading into Game 4 and it didn't mean a damn thing.

That's to say that, well, confidence and momentum can change in an instant, and it doesn't even necessarily carry over period-to-period, let alone game-to-game.

The Flyers can end Pittsburgh's season tonight. They can do it in an arena in which they've lost one game in eight all-time chances, and they can do it against a team they've defeated seven times in 10 chances this year.

Pittsburgh Penguins Notes:

The Pens will likely dress seven defensemen tonight.

Park and Lovejoy will likely be scratched.

Paul Martin is still out.

Philadelphia Flyers Notes:

Claude Giroux doesn't like the fans in Pittsburgh.

Bryzgalov will probably start, but he may have a sore hip.

Talbot says this is like game seven for the Flyers.

It looks like JVR is in and Rinaldo is out.

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Remember The Igloo.

Do It.

Go Pens.