PHOTOSHOP EXPO: Mario Lemieux Statue Ideas

Time to christen the new site the only way we know how.
A photoshop expo.
A few days ago it was announced that the Penguins would honor 66 with a statue outside CEC.
So that got us thinking, with a little help from reader Mike M., that a Mario Lemieux statue photoshop expo would be in order.
So send in whatever.
Some guidelines:

1. Send the photoshop of what you think the Mario statue should be of to
2. In the email subject line put: "Mario Photoshop"
3. Use our new calendar feature to find the deadline or just wait till someone else does.
4. Winner gets a free tshirt from storeblog.
5. Just incase you didn't know, you don't have to have the "photoshop" program to make a photoshop. Something that we use is called GIMP. And its free.
go Pens.