Peter Skudra took the Pens streakin’
We're still a handful of games away from the Pens seeing the taillights of NHL history, but we can still go back and take a look at the last time the Penguins won 10 games in a row, which was from January 28th to February 15th in 1999.
Some things we've learned about this streak: Peter Skudra was a force during the winning streak.
Skudra started the first four games of the winning streak and also won the final 3 of the streak. 8 of the wins came at home.  The other 2 were in Montreal and Nashville. It looks like this streak started when Kip Miller was first placed on Jagr's line. Pens went through an 0-25 PP drought during the streak. From a CNN/SI article: "The streak even brought out Penguins co-owner Roger Marino for the first time in six weeks. The Penguins filed for bankruptcy 4.5 months ago, and Marino is in danger of losing his stake in the team."  It's surreal reading that sentence right now.
January 28
Pens beat Toronto 6-0 in Pittsburgh
January 30
Pens beat Boston 5-2 in Pittsburgh
January 31
Pens beat Canadiens 5-3 in Montreal
February 2
Pens beat Buffalo 5-3 in Pittsburgh
Tom Barrasso was probably being emo and held a building hostage so that Kevin Constantine would play him.
Thus we see Barrasso starting and winning the next three games.
February 5
Pens beat Florida 3-0 in Pittsburgh
February 7
Pens beat Detroit 2-1 in Pittsburgh
February 9
Pens beat Montreal 3-2 (OT) in Pittsburgh
So we're now up to 7 games.
Game 8 was against Vancouver.  Barrasso got pulled, but Skudra replaced him, and the Pens went on to win.
Skudra won the two games after the Vancouver win.
February 11
Pens beat Vancouver 6-5 (OT) in Pittsburgh
February 13
Pens beat the Predators 3-2 (OT) in Nashville
Here's a link to an article about this game.
We are being 100% honest when we say we vaguely remember that Cliff Ronning goal.
Both teams wore dark jerseys?  Yikes.  wait nm
And the Pens set or tied some record with three straight OT wins.
February 15
Pens beat Washington 7-3 in Pittsburgh
Here's a CNN/SI article from this game (same link as Roger Marino quote).
The streak came to an end on February 17, with a 3-1 loss on the Isle.