Staal rumors won’t go away

(photo via the pg)

Even though Shero maintained just a few days ago that he is not trading Jordan Staal, the rumors are still floating.

The latest rumors come from Andy Strickland at

In his latest post Strickland, says Staal told the Penguins he will not re-sign next summer:

Sources tell me Staal has indicated to GM Ray Shero that he will not be re-signing with the club once his contract officially expires. Staal has one year remaining at $4million. This would not fall in line with what Shero has stated publicly although it certainly gives him some leverage by suggesting he has no plans of moving his third best center. Again take most of what you hear publicly this time of year with a grain of salt. There’s nothing for Shero to gain by telling reporters Staal has told the team he will not re-sign.


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Strickland is a fairly reliable guy in hockey, he doesn't just throw rumors out there and see what sticks.
According to his sources Carolina has the most interest:

Carolina GM Jim Rutherford has been rather vocal in his attempt to land a top offensive player. It’s rather obvious Staal is at the top of his list. Sources close to Staal tell me he would love nothing more than to land in Carolina or New York and play with one of his two brothers currently playing in the NHL.

Now Strickland also noted there is no rush for Shero to do anything, but it seems odd that this is playing out now and in a very public way.
Is Shero doing some work through the media, or is this just a typical rumor? 
No clue, but this weekend is going to be very interesting to say the least.