Introducing: Pensblog Tickets Feature

This summer we thought about getting a ticket exchange together.
It got kind of complicated.
But thankfully our overlords at Bloguin had a scheme in the works.
They brokered a partnership with the company TiqIQTiqIQ is an event ticket aggregator that tracks prices and individual ticket listings in the dynamically changing ticket market.  (We didn't type that.)
But what does that mean?  Basically TiqIQ does everything but buy your ticket for you. Instead of having to go to StubHub and all those bizarre sites, TiqIQ organizes everything for you.  It also finds the cheapest ticket.
We've learned about this over the last few days.
And TiqIQ is flat-out nasty.
Here is a more in-depth explanation:

1. Aggregated Listings: They aggregate listings from sites like StubHub, eBay, Ticketsnow and TicketNetwork.


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2. TiqZone Categorization: They break each venue up into TiqZones, which are groupings of sections that we’ve determined are comparable in value.

3. TiqIQ Statistics: They provide ticket-level buying intelligence through our IQ rating and TiqIQ Statistics.


They sent us a list of some blogs using it now.
These blogs all have solid write-ups. as well as comments backing them up.
Here at the blog, the main link to get to the ticket page is in the top-right corner.
Once you get to the page you'll see this:
You can click over any section (on the seat chart) to see if there are tickets.
For example, we clicked on the pink section and got this:
It is even more mind-blowing if you click the "see more tickets" link.
No joke city. Tells you how many tickets are lurking out there.
It even gives a list of how many are available in certain sections.
The purchasing process is a breeze, too.
So give it a try and just play around with it. Whatev.