Upon taking a look at the NHL's Guardian Project, it's come to our attention that some of the characters didn't exactly embody their respective franchises.  So, with the help of Stephen S., we've decided to correct some of the Guardian Project's mistakes.  If you have any ideas for any other Pensblog Guardian characters, leave it in the comments. We already have Toronto, Philly, Washington, Detroit and Columbus.
Here is Montreal:
Upon watching his parents die at the age of 7 when a car was flipped on top of them after a Canadiens regular-season win, Mr. Entitlement was born.  Since that day, he has felt that the world owes something to him and will cry when he does not get it.  You can find him on the rooftops in the cold, wintry Montreal night, making sure Montreal residents are fraternizing with the mafia and stealing purses from unsuspecting females.  He is known to suffer from vicious mood swings and can turn on you in an instant, which makes him extremely dangerous and a douchebag. The proud protector of the city of riots.  With his belt made of 24 Stanley Cups, he has 100 years of stories to tell and even more referees to influence.  In his mind, he is the only real superhero.