Upon taking a look at the NHL's Guardian Project, it's come to our attention that some of the characters didn't exactly embody their respective franchises. So, with the help of Stephen S., we've decided to correct some of the Guardian Project's mistakes. If you have any ideas for any other Pensblog Guardian characters, leave it in the comments. We already have Philly, Washington, Columbus, Detroit and Montreal.
Here is Toronto:
MR. 67
Mr. 67 was a talented and hardworking teenager growing up in Toronto.  While walking through Maple Leaf Gardens one evening, he was attacked by three men wearing paper bags over their heads.  The attack left him in a coma for many years.  He miraculously awoke decades later, but his mind is still trapped in the past among the Original Six.  Confused and unable to function in modern society, Mr. 67 lives a difficult life filled with a desperate hope for the future while struggling with a disappointing reality.  While it's missing a few diamonds, his tarnished Stanley Cup ring is the source of his power and a reminder of better days.  Armed with a Blackberry and a general sense of apathy, Mr. 67 is the eternal protector of the Maple Leaf Sports and Entertainment corporate boxes.  Should he feel threatened or aroused, he will strike back at women with his dreaded punch of doom.  His weaknesses include sensible planning and frozen waffles.  He often acts without thinking and ends up in troubling situations which make his already challenging life almost unbearable.