Pens’ Winter Classic Uniforms? Part Two

The UniWatchBlog recently posted a description of what they've heard the Penguins Winter Classic jerseys will look like

A little birdie tells me that the Penguins’ Winter Classic jersey will look like this: "Take the 1967 jersey (the diagonal Pittsburgh), flip the navy and powder blues, and put the circle logo with the ‘scarfed’ fatbody penguin on the front instead of the diagonal lettering. The numbers on the jersey will be rounded, as on the 1967 jerseys. It sounds like a hot mess, but in my opinion they’re very sharp." is a solid website for finding team logos, however their message board is where you can find some true gold.
If you like jersey concepts, it's a great place to spend some time.
User Hockey Week recently posted a mockup based on the UniWatchBlog description:
What do you think?  Are these the Pens' Winter Classic uniforms?