Pens practice in Central Park [ UPDATE: Pens Bus was in accident ]
For whatever reason, it feels like this "Penguins practice in Central Park" thing blindsided everyone.  Maybe because it did.  Who knows.  Personally, we didn't know about it until Friday afternoon/during the Isles game.  Regardless, Sam Kasan has put up a photo gallery on the Pens website.
Apparently the Pens' bus got stuck behind two cars that got into an accident, so they all had to jump into cabs to make it to Central Park.
Thanks to everyone in cblog. Correction to the above. The Pens bus got into an accident. [ ESPN ]
"It was quite a sight," Penguins coach Dan Bylsma said. "I think the gentleman involved with the accident backed off a little bit when he saw a whole hockey team get out with sticks and gloves in their hands. If he had known anything about last night, maybe that's why he backed off."