Pens and Sharks
So here's a list of NHLers who have played for both the Sharks and Penguins.  Can't wait to get blasted for missing one.
Peter Ahola
Played 22 games for the Pens in the 1992-93 season. Had 1 assist.
Doug Bodger
Pens all day in the late '80s. Played some of his final years in San Jose.
Matt Bradley
Matt Bradley's potential was the hot topic in Pittsburgh for a while.
Bobby Dollas
Bobby Dollas was a brick wall on NHL 95. Had two stints with the Pens. Actually played his last career NHL game in a Pens uniform.


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Shean Donovan
Didn't he have a big game against the Red Wings somewhere?
Nils Ekman
First thing that comes to your head: Either a hat trick or the time he left down the runway during a play, the Pens put someone on the ice for him, and they got penalized.
Bob Errey
Pat Falloon
One of our favorite players in the '99-00 season. This is on the Internet:
Tony Granato
Didn't play for the Pens.
Bill Guerin
What a player. No words.
Greg Hawgood
Played 33 games for the Pens in the mid-'90s. Was on the Pens roster in the NHL 95 video game. pretty sure.
Shawn Heins
Played 27 games in the 2002-2003 season. Wore #57. Scored some goal against the Blues.
John Jakopin
This was one of those names that we didn't catch on our first look through the Sharks all-time roster. Played 19 games for the Pens in The Dark Ages.
Jim Kyte
Played 56 games for the Pens in '89-'90. Then played one game in 1990-1991. Forget what that was about.
Marty McSorley
Had a solid career. Came into the NHL with the Pens in '83-'84, hung around for a couple seasons, then left. Came back in 1993-94 for 47 games. His name lives in infamy.

Kevin Miller
Played 13 games in 1995-'96. 6 goals. Don't care enough to find a pic hidden on the Internet somewhere.
Kip Miller
Played 121 games for the Pens in the late '90s. 19 goals in 77 games in '98-'99. Jagr's buddy.
Ville Neimenen
Was with the Pens for 88 games in The Dark Ages. He did that spin-o-rama move for a goal in Toronto, then he was like choking or something on the bench.
Jeff Norton
Played 32 games in the 2000-2001 season. Always liked him.
Wayne Primeau
Say 2001 playoff series against Buffalo, and we immediately think of Darius Kasparaitis and Wayne Primeau. And Moooose.
Mikael Samuelsson
Played 22 games in The Dark Ages. Played with a chip on his shoulder against the Pens in the Finals. He's basically this generation's Markus Naslund — Swedish guy, wasn't hear long, went on to score some goals in Vancouver.
Neil Wilkinson
We played every shift with him in the '95-'96 playoff run.

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