Pens alive in Ohio. Pens Win.
Reader Matt R. was at the game and was beast enough to send us a quick writeup of what he saw:
Took notes on stuff I noticed at the game:
First off, I noticed that the away jerseys did have the CEC patch on them.

Arron Asham says suck it. He's officially a Pen now. BTW, Garon looked like he had no idea what hit him on that goal.

The powerplay had some great moments where everything just seemed to be clicking. Granted, it's the preseason and it was the BJ's, but it was nice to see them working the puck so well. Rupp in front of the net on the 2nd PP line = game over.

The defense, at times, did not help Johnny out at all. Bad turnover on 3rd goal, sloppy play for a good amount of the game.

At first, Talbot wasn't really playing hard. Seemed somewhat sluggish, but it looked like he stepped it up later on, especially on the 2nd 5-on-3 PK with Adams and Engelland.

Speaking of, that was a pretty beastly PK… not gonna lie. Maybe that is what Engelland needed to make the team over Lovejoy.

Goligoski was trying to do too much in the defensive zone. He chased the puck a little too much, and he got caught on it a few times… Led to some pretty good scoring chances for Columbus.

Nick Johnson played balls out tonight. Pretty much solid all around. What a shot on his goal.

Steve Wagner looked really nervous out there. His passing and puck-handling seemed suspect at times. Played very rigidly.

Curry played pretty well in his one period of work (save a garbage goal towards the end of the game).

And the Columbus fans are jokes.

Go Pens.
BEN and ZARLEY with the anthem pics