Penguins Official: “Ice Crew,” not “Ice Girls.” [ UPDATED: PUCK HUFFERS RESPONDS ]

UPDATED. Must read retort from [Puck Huffers]
Including some good screenshots of the application process.



Spoke to a Penguins offical this morning.

A few notes about this.
"This is not anything like the Ice Girls you see in any other market. This is an ice crew, it is co-ed," the official said. "Think of this as an extension of the Pens patrol."
The official speaking on the condition of anonymity also said the crew will be using sweatsuits, so we won't be seeing any of this:

Some people were getting kind of worked up about this, but all it basically sounds like is they are getting rid of the older guys who clean the ice.
October 7th can't come soon enough. We do know who won't be hired for the Pens ice crew.