Penguins Greatest Games 2 DVD Preorder, Now With List of Games

Thanks to @DustinJohns on Twitter for bringing this to our attention.  The Pens Greatest Games Volume Two DVD is set to come out and has it available for pre-order on their website.  The DVD set is available March 1st.
There's a picture of the back of the DVD set that lists the games featured:

The only problem is we can't read it.  There are five games and what looks like a "BONUS FEATURE" on the DVD set.  The bonus is probably the entire Igloo closing ceremony, which is worth the price of the DVD on it's own.  

From the pictures, you can see that the first Winter Classic in Buffalo is there, the final game at the Igloo is there and the Stanley Cup win in Detroit is there.  That leaves two more games.

There's also a game with Mario Lemieux, so that really narrows it down.

Does anyone have any CSI "Zoom, Enhance" technology available?  Or just good eyesight? 

EDIT:  DustinJohns comes through once again.  These are the games: VS. Bruins, Game Six – 1991 Wales Conference Final VS. Blackhawks, Game One – 1992 Stanley Cup Final VS. Sabres, The First Winter Classic VS. Flyers, Game Six – 2009 Eastern Conference Quarter Final VS. Red Wings, Game Seven – 2009 Stanley Cup Final The Final Regular Season Game at the Igloo